I can't open my Flash drive.

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I can't open my flash drive. When I inserted it to my computer it would just appear a removable disk and then when I tried to open it tells that there is no disk on the dirve. Can this be fixed? what should I do to open it so that I can Use it again. Hope you can help me with this problem. thanks!

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Hi there,
I experienced the same problem...
When it shows "Removable Disk".... I right clicked & hit Properties.......then filled in a Name in the Summary tab (my name)....I suddenly got a pop up & wow ... it started working again..... whew..... it was some relief !!!

I am using Transcend JF V10 8 GB
Try it out....
All the Best
Hey Your solution just worked for me..Thanks
Hi there,

I am trying to put a name in but its saying invalid name - I have tried multiple names but not accepting any of them - Do you have any ideas please? I would b really grateful
Works for me too!
Tks man!
Sorry to be dense, but where does it say "removable disc"? Where should I be looking?
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On MyComputer, it should be the name of your thumb drive. You might have another name, though, such as Lexar Media (one of mine is called this) or a name you gave the thumb drive yourself.
Control Panel:
Administrative Tools:
Computer Management:
(Left Column) Storage:
Disk Management:

You should be able to see all hard drives, optical drives, and removable media.
Locate your USB and it should say "unallocated space"
Right-click on the box beside the drive with the black stripe saying the above and select create a new partition.
Follow the wizard and you're done!
Thank you
Ok I hope not to insult anyone on here but nobody seems to be reading the problem. This is beyond recovering data. Once the USB Flash drive or thumb drive however you want to call it, is put into the computer and you click on it you are told to insert media as though the drive is a cd drive. IF YOU GO TO DISK MANAGEMENT IT WILL NOT LET YOU FORMAT THE DRIVE BECAUSE IT THINKS THERE IS NO MEDIA IN IT. You can change the drive letter and that is all that happends the letter changes so you go from Removable Disk G to Removable disk F. You still can't use the drive. Plugging it into a Mac for me does nothing it won't show up at all not even using disk utility. Other programs don't see it as a drive except for the Data Recovery Wizard. The problem with Data Recovery Wizard is that it doesn't see any files to recover and it cant make this new 32gb datatraveler drive usable.
...yes, this is problem...i try repair the same problem of my friend. When I go to disk management, usb drive is there but without partition (exactly like you wrote "BECAUSE IT THINKS THERE IS NO MEDIA IN IT")...so I can't do anything (format, delete) on that usb disk or key.

...this was my first step, but when I saw that, I sad to myself...hops, where is partition :))

data is not important...have you guys any ideas? ;)

(sorry for my english ;) )
Thank you Roger Roger, I am having the same problem, my flash drive used to light up when plugged in, but none of these solutions are working because the the disk is only recognized as a removable disk G: It cannot be opened, it cannot be explored, and it cannot be opened as a portable device.

When you find a solution, will you please share? Thanks.

my os: vista home
I also having the same problem, my flash drive used to light up when plugged in, but none of these solutions are working because the the disk is only recognized as a removable disk G: It cannot be opened, it cannot be explored, and it cannot be opened as a portable device. my operating system is window xp sp2 and sp3

mine is Removable Disk E:. is it still the same ? how could I recover my this ? oh! i'm so in trouble. >.<
Roger im having the same problem. Please assist Bro.. anser at Email ID removed for security
hey we had this problem and we fixed last night how we did it was insert what u need before u boot the comp then go into the menu before login screen shows up youll find it there and run it we did that and every thing was fine but now we lost connection to our modem so make sure u have the knowledge to fix ur modem, tell me how u did it
answer 11 solved my flash drive problem...i had to loose all d saved files but I did nt mind cause now I m able to utilise my flash drive again...thanks a lot bro.....
It's easy to fix. Right click My computer > Management > Disk management > select your drive > right click "change drive letter and paths" then Rename it to a different letter and it should open right away. =)
still same , it doesnt work... any other suggestion plz ...
try to download flash format and solve your problem easily by followng the instructions within the program
My friend All I can Sudgest about your problem my comment of your problem simple just insert your flashdrive into your pc then go to run then type <cmd> and then if your flashdrive location asuming drive f:/ you just type c:/ format f:/ then press enter and choose yes? after that if the problem is the same? I think there was a problem into your hardware chipset of your flashdrive you need to replace a flash memory or else you need to buy new

from Technician of techead Sm Cebu

by Email ID removed for security
Try this utility Control Panel/Computer Administrative Tools/Computer Management/Disk Management . I did have the same problem. I was able to bring back my flash drive. You will need to mount the drive after which youl need to create a partition. this will restore the header on your drive.
had sme problem, thought gonna have to buy a new player. but occasionally I had to re-install windows, and on new system it reqested to reboot computer to show flash drive, and checdisk checked F:drive and fixed everything.
rty to run CHKDSK.EXE
Ever since the development of the 1.44 floppy it has never been a good idea to work directly on a storage device except a hard drive. You can lose all of your data if you print or work on the device. From now on copy your work to the desktop to work on it or print and then save it back to the device if you made changes.
why can't I read the files on my memory stick?
I had a similar problem before. If we're talking about the same virus, I fixed bypassed it by just typing the drive's path in the address bar, or right-clicking and choosing explore. But by the looks of it you're talking about something else.

But now I have another problem, my new USB stick/mp3 player has this new system wherein in creates a new drive space in MyComputer, and I can't use the method earlier to fix this because I don't know the name of the path. Has anyone experienced this?
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you can right click on the icon of your drive and re-format it if you don't have anything important on it. Odds are that it might have gotten removed while data was still being sent and it might have corrupted the software.
if you are having a transend flash drive
go to www.transendusa.com
select the product >flash drive> select >flash online recovery tool> and proceed with your repair
it repaired my pen drive
reformat your drive then scan w/ avira or nod 32 but make sure to back up your file
this will work promise
i have a problem with my computer, when I inserted the removable flash disc the word 'usb not recosnize' will apper. what shall I do?
I was having the same problem. this was with my 8gb micro sd usb reader (basically a flash drive) and it happened in both computers I have. Basically, I did nothing but kept plugging it in and finally, something just took. it then popped up the "what do you want windows to do" thing and everything was still there. Sorry this isn't a fix, but it also looks like it's not a virus issue or a device issue...keep trying and maybe it's just a fluke????
its all abwt hardware

as u can see the usb recognice but there are no media on it or means no memory

thattis why it says insert disc.

inside usb its like rectangular ic with 48 pins

u can change it by another one after all of that ur usbback to normal

i hope its help
i have a problem my kingston pen drive is not reading because of not reading I can not format it or open it it happend when I had format it five time quickly just give an answer

I had the same problem as many of you have, when I plugged in my USB memory stick it didn't show up in explorer. I simply deleted a file in c:\windows\system 32, this file was called sptd.sys. It is placed there by Daemon 4.0 and even if you remove Daemon from your computer the file will stay there since the uninstall don't want to remove it, it might be used by other programs? So after a few months I got my removable disc back again in explorer!!!! Enjoy!!!!
Did you try to open the flash drive using the address bar ?
I.e if the flash drive is drive H then type H:\
If it opens then the issue is with the OS.
it worked for me but it want open the old way no more what do I do it keep askin me to pick a program