Windows XP cannot detect my USB Flash Drive

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I am using windows XP sp3 and my Pc cannot detect the USB drive. when I connect the USB drive to my PC it flickers for three to four times and then goes off. I am using Sandisk Cruzer Micro USB Flash drive. My friend Installed avast anti virus in the USB drive and it contains some jpeg images and word files.

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Hi my name is navjot and I was having the same problem I have sorted it

just follow the instruction

go to start
right click on my computer
click on manage
then click on storage
then click on disk management
then right click on your device and select add letters and path
window will pop up then click on add
the select an alphabet and click on ok

this will solve your prb....


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This worked to fix the problem. Windows XP3 apparently cannot resolve a conflict in drive letter assignments on its own. It wanted to assign Drive E to my USB drive, but it had previously assigned Drive E to a network drive. The above approach from Navjot kang allows you to manually assign a non-conflicting drive letter.
it worked thanks!
hey somebody plz help in ths issue,
recently I formatted my pc,as I m trying 2 put pen drive in the usb,it it showing access denied,
is it mendatory 2 put usb driver?????
and which driver should I download????
Here what to do go right click on my Computer then press manage, You will see computer managememt pop up. Then on the left hand side of this page double Click on (Disk Mamagement) On this page you will see all your Drive at the bottom eg: (F) or (D) or (C). Right Click on the drive that has your flash drive and press format. A next document pop up. On this Document select FAT32 on (File System) Then select default on (Allocation unit size) Then Click (Perform a quick format) On (volume label) you can even Put a name for your USB flash If you wish. Now press Stat and once again you can open your USB Drive. Let me know if it work.
Thanks.It works.
it says "The volume disk is too small for the selected file system." i'm using a flash drive 8GB pls help me format the flash drive thnx nats
The only drive that shows up for me is the C: drive. The rest say No Media. I tried plugging in my SC, Compact Flash and thumb drive. None of them are being read.
It worked, it worked! Thank you sooooo much! that was so helpful! thought I should throw away the USB - so glad I didn't!

Try going to Device Manager - right click on my computer and select MANAGE. Then Select Device manager on the list on the left
At this point make sure your USB that isnt working is plugged in.
There should be one device shownd as "? Unknown Device". In Yellow Font
Click this one, and select download driver.
Select the (Automatic Option)

I have had this problem on XP since reformatting. And this is the only way I have been able to solve this problem.
hey is thr any driver required to access the usb port after formatting the pc
that worked, but I was my computer told me that it already had the latest driver software. but for some reason it wont read the device, and it has a yellow exclamation mark for the image for the device.
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try reinstalling the USB driver or try with other port If still the problem is there try connecting the same Pen drive to other system if its working fine that might be an operating system issue.

1.Try to install the USB driver take help from the microsoft .com there are some file that we need to register for USB from this command regsvr32 just check for the file name from microsoft that you have to register.

2.Try to remover upper filter or lower filter from registry

3.Try to uninstall all the USB device from device manager.

Still face the same issue might be an issue with the Pen drive that you are using

Try to search the best diver software in to the internet or make sure your usb port are no damage.To check if your usb port has no damage try to use another one if its not try to update all your system drivers using driver updater software.