HELP ME!!! flash drive won't apper on pc!!!

My flash drive won't apper on my pc as I told you on my message title. My flash drive heats up after I use it for 1 min. it doesn't apper on my pc and I have important things on it!!! HELP!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!

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There is a very simple fix to this problem... I have windows 7 ultimate and my Kingston Cruzer 4gb would not work. I tried everything for about a month. Here is the fix....

In Vista/7 go to start menu type 'Computer Managment'.

Then go to the computers Device Manager then "USB controllers".

You should have a 'U3 USB' show up.

right click and click uninstall

then click the 'Action' then 'Scan for hardware changes'

it should install the driver for your usb..... Worked for me
Thank you

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Thank you so much BTARWOOD23 - I just tried what you said and it works. I appreciate your help.
This works for XP as well. Only difference is device name is shown as "USB Composite Device".
You are a god.
I had the same problem for weeks and I couldn't figure out why it would work on my personal laptop but not my work PC.

My problem was that the Flash drive was using "H:" as the drive letter and I already had "H:" assigned to a network share. The computer obviously recognized it because it appeared in the Disk Management, but it was assigned to H: and the PC already had "H:" connected to my share. I could have just changed the drive assignment for the flash drive to another letter and restart the PC as previously mentioned but I was in the middle of working on something and restarting my PC wasn't the best thing to do at the time. I decided to try to disconnect my "H:" network share and reconnect it using a different drive letter ("J:" in my case). After doing that I reconnected the flash drive and it opened fine under "H:"

Just another option to look into.
xopher had it right about the conflict between Letter Drives already assigned to a network share, and what the Sandisk U3 can see, which is only the local drives. I have a bunch of Compact Flash and SD drive assignments that were taking up letters between D and G, and our first network drive is H, so I did a drive letter reassignment of the Sandisk using Disk Management in Windows Admin Tools (set the Sandisk U3 to "M", which was the first unused letter and then everything ran fine. U3 set the actual thumbdrive to "N".

It would be nice if U3 could test for network shares and then select a drive letter that was unused that FOLLOWED the shares but maybe that's too much to ask.


OMG - I LOVE YOU XOPHER!!! I've been trying to fix this for months, and I was on the phone with my university IT ppl today and nobody could figure out what's wrong... you win!
You Star... I had no idea what was going on..
This worked great. Thank you.
I've read all the answers to this ( Sounds like a load of Guess work to me). Here is how to fix this problem quickly and easily.

I have a EMTec 32Gb flash drive, which every time I plug it in window's doesn't recognise it. The fix is very easy and it works every time.

Go the the computers Device Manager from within the 'Computer Managment' screen.
At the bottom of the list of devices is 'Universal Seial Bus Controller'.

Exand this window. You will notice that there is an unrecognised device in there. This is the key that you just installed.

Directly above this you will see a 'USB2 Enhanced Host Controller'. Highlight this and right click on the mouse.

Select the 'Unistall' option on this device.

At the top of this window there is little monitor icon with a magnifying glass, click on this. The computer will then scan itself and reload any devices and hardware it finds. It will also load the flash drive so that you can access it.
You're awesome! thank you:)
THANK YOU - it worked great - I will have to remember this for the next time!
it doesnt show up. I really need mine to work for an important business video
thanks it worked first time
This works! Thank you so much as I nearly lost 1800+ files! I have backed them up too. You're a star!
You please go my computer, right click on it, manage, disk manement, you will see your flash there change the letter to any one, restart you pc and after that it wil appear.
I need to open my flash drive because of the valuable files and when I try to open it the message says "disk needs
formatting, do you want to format now? To format would erase all my valuable data. How do I open my flash drive to get my stuff?
> Sharpatt
Hi sharpatt,

I didn't see your question when I posted my first reply, but to answer you question, I think your disk may unfortunately be corrupted. I had the exact same thing happen to me with a SanDisk Cruzer Flash Drive and lost some very important data. Luckily I had backups of MOST of the stuff so not all was lost. I haven't bought a SanDisk since.

I guess you can try it on different PC's and various other things mentioned here to see if it work and if it does get your stuff off immediately. But of course once your format the disk your stuff is gone. I don't think I ever formatted mine but I never figured out how to get the data off the disk.
Hello Sharon,

I have the exact same problem you are having I have some very important information on my cruzer micro 1GB flashdrive. I am very disappionted in cruzer's flashdrive I must retreive this information. I spoke to a couple of Weekend Computer Warriors and they told me that there was no way for me to retrieve this information.

I'm not hearing that, because when I purchased this device I had faith in it, that it would work properly. It seems to me that the faith, I had in this product was not carried out by the Manufacturer. Please help me with this issue if your flashdrive problem was resolved.

Thank You
many thanks for your suggestion
I tried for long time to fix and then found your suggestion - it worked perfectly

Thanks again
this worked for me.

Thanks a lot.