Syncing samsung mobiles to my pc [Solved/Closed]

 Jess -
i was wondering if you could help me please, i have a samsung mobile, i am trying to sync it to my pc with the new pc studio application, but everytime i try to it doesn't seem to see that my phone is connected, do you know if there is something i could be doing wrong? thank you for your help.

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Hey Jess,

Please confirm whether the PC Suite is the right compatible one to your system.

Thanks in advance.

Please indicate which PC Studio youb are actually using and the model and make of the mobile phone for appropriate help.
hey, thanks for the answer, but i suddenly managed to work it after a while, thanks for the help.

It would have been enriching our knowledge if you could share how you managed to solve the problems.

Kind regards.
ohh okay well i'm really sorry, but i'm not too sure, i managed to get my laptop to download a new pc studio and then i opened it up & it showed me a tutorial of how to connect my phone, sorry if that's no help.