I need all the drivers for hp dv 6000 [Solved/Closed]

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please send me all the drivers for the notebooke hp dv 6000
windows xp
thank you
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Thank you
Hello My Fellow Engineers,
I will need your help serious and I want you to reply me as fast as you can. This is my Problem, a customer brought a HP Pavillion DV6500 for me to put an Window Xp Operating System so as I put my Window Xp Bootable CD into DVD Drive as it was booting I kindly got to a First stage I press Enter to Continue after that it brought a message that:
Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your laptop

Make sure any hard disk drives are powered on and properly connected to your computer, and that any disk-related hardware configuration is correct. This may involve running a manufacturer-supplied diagonstic or setup program.

Setup cannot continue. To quit Setup, press F3

So that is the message the Operating System brought so my fellow engineers help to solve this problem and I need full information about it.

Thank you, Alex Billy 8

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It will take hardly 2 hrs to install XP in a vista preloaded M/c. U have to install a software on VISTA and follow some steps to prepare a new XP CD and from that particular CD u can run the installation . For this plz mail me .
hey dude m havin a hp dv6000....n I wan to hav WIN XP as mah OS not a pre installed VISTA...while installin XP I get n error of hard drive not found.. hit F3 to quit.For this somebody told to disable sata from ur BIOS but m not gettin any options to disable dat...pls help me out yaaaar...mg me soooon.....
hi ,
I am using hp pavilion dv6000 laptop. It is preloaded with windows vista home premium. Now I want to install xp professional into my laptop. Can you please guide me how to load that. I want to buy original XP professional cd to install into my laptop. Please reply to my mail id Email Id removed for security. thanking you.

with regards

Personal data deleted
I am having trouble converting my dv6409us hp pavilion laptop to XP.

Your post says you have a two hour solution?

I have all installed but still have no drivers showing up under Device Manager/Other for Ethernet Controller, network controller, SM Bus Controller, or USB controller. My internal modem is also not recognized yet.

Amin0001 1 Posts Monday April 7, 2014Registration date April 7, 2014 Last seen - Apr 7, 2014 at 03:22 PM
Change the hard drive in the bios setup from sata to ide
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Thank you
Okay, folks. I'm going to tell you how to do this from the ground up assuming you're currently on Windows Vista.

There's going to be some downloads and work involved, so please, be patient. I'm running Windows XP Media Center 2005 on this DV6000 laptop (DV6345us to be exact) and it's doing a great job without any problems.


Here we go.

*NOTE* Get the drivers you can from the link below - such as Coxenant Audio Driver, Microsoft Universal Audio, Yuan TV Tuner driver, Quicklaunch drivers, Webcam, Modem and Ricoh 5-in-1 card reader. All can be found here, including NVIDIA stuff:


*NOTE* If you do not have NVIDIA video on your DV6000 unit, then you have Intel drivers, which you can find here. Download the two links for Intel drivers here.

INF Utility (miscellaneous drivers):
http://downloadcenter.intel.com/...* XP Media Center Edition&lang=eng

Intel VE 1000 (NIC Drivers) for XP: http://www.sendspace.com/file/mitlc5

Intel 945 Graphics: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/...

Take all of these things you've just downloaded and put them into one folder named "HP6000 XP Drivers"

Now, for the fun parts.

Programs and files needed:
A. Winrar. Get it here: http://codecpack.nl/wrar371.exe and install it.
B. ISO Recorder. Get it here: http://isorecorder.alexfeinman.com/download/ISORecorderV3RC1x86.zip and install it.
C. Get your SATA driver files in here (zip file): http://www.sendspace.com/file/lhe3a7 DO NOT INSTALL THESE! UNZIP it to it's OWN FOLDER on your hard drive and leave it there for now.
D: Get Nlite to make a customized XP disk: http://home.midmaine.com/~nlite/nlite/nLite-1.4.5.installer.exe and install it.

1. Put your XP CD into your ROM drive. Let it spin for a bit. Close any pop ups it may cause. Once CD slows down, roughly after 30 seconds after you popped in it, go to "Computer" on your Desktop, open it and right click on the XP CD. Chose "Make CD Image" and name it "XP IMAGE". ISO Recorder will start up and you will be able to make a CD image of it into a data file somewhere on your drive, wherever you chose to hold it for the time being.

* Make sure you have a legitimate CD Key for your XP CD. We're going to be using it here soon.

2. Pop open a can of soda or beer or sip from your coffee. Smokers, light up. One XP CD copying to an image file will take about as long as it takes to smoke one cigarette. I should know, being one of these uppity computer geeks who smokes to pass the time waiting for B.S. like this.

3. Now, browse for where the XP image file is on your hard drive, find it, right click it and choose the Winrar "Extract to XP IMAGE" option to let all the XP files extract to a desginated folder. Do not use the "Extract to......" option. You'll have XP files all over the d***ed place if you do that. This too will take a wile for it to extract.

4. Once it has finished extracting, go to the folder where you downloaded all those drivers from HP's site noted way before. Copy that drivers folder INTO the folder named XP IMAGE. Copy and paste it like any other folder you'd copy in Windows.

5. Start up NLite from your Start Menu program. Do all the "Next" options involved until you see find the interface to Browse and click Browse to your XP IMAGE folder. Give it a secont to calculate.

6. Now, click Next and get to the interface with options named "Drivers" and "Unattended Setup" and all that stuff. You can add Microsoft SP3 if you'd like, or you can download it and install it later once you get XP on your lapotp. I'm not going to go into all of that here. We're trying to get XP on your laptop, not turn it into a slip-streaming extravaganza.

7. Choose the Drivers, Unattended Setup and Make ISO options, or whatever it's called in order to make an iso file later.

8. When you get to Drivers, browse for your SATA drivers, which I named "Files". It should be in that folder where you downloaded all those drivers to. A prompt will pop up that will allow you to pick the SATA drivers. Darken it and click "OK". Another prompt will pop up with a large list of drivers. Pick ALL of them doing a SHIFT-KEY and clicking the top and bottom of the list, like you would in copying all files out of a folder. Then click OK. Then click Next.

9. Put in your CD Key in the proper cursor spaces. Make SURE you get it right. Pick other options shown if you choose to do so - it's up to you. Get rid of System Restor or Hibernate or whatever, if you want. Even add your own passwords so you don't have to do it while XP is installing. Again, all these things are up to you.

10. Hit your Next options near the bottom right and get all the way to the end of the program, which is to make an ISO file. Name the ISO file as you wish to - anything other than XP IMAGE - click Next or whatever, and let Nlite do the work for you to build the ISO file.

11. Once Nlite is finished, take out your XP CD, pop in a blank CD and use your CD burning program to burn your now new customized ISO file built from the Nlite program. Use the slowest or second slowest speed of your CD burning program to avoid possible errors. Remember, you need a good burn here - not some quick stuff that may go wrong while you're installing XP.

12. Smoke another cigarette or wander around the room if you don't smoke.

You're good to go once the CD has stopped burning. Pop your CD back in from the ejecting of your CD program's finishing it's burn and restart your computer.

Follow the prompts as if you would any other XP boot installation. Remember to have your CD boot first though!

If you're not exactly ready to wipe Vista off, but you want to practic with NLite, go right ahead. You can find more information on NLite and it's tips and tricks here: http://www.nliteos.com/guide/before.html

In fact, I highly recommend you check out the Nlite "Guide" before you do anything that I've previously listed. Just as a safety.

Anyway, you'll have a SATA ready XP disk good to install on your DV6000 series laptop.

Thank you, Jay 8

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aquarelle 7183 Posts Saturday April 7, 2007Registration dateContributorStatus May 25, 2018 Last seen - May 16, 2008 at 12:54 PM
Thank you
Hi everybody,
If you need driver for HP Computer, first, visit the support Website of HP : http://welcome.hp.com/country/us/en/support.html
Thank you
I need all drivers( Sound driver,chipset ...)for hp pavilion dv2000 windows xp sp2 plz....
hello all you need is to download the dv9000 version of driver instead the dv2000 driver....i got same problem with u and now its ok...try dis link..
Thank you
All needed Complete XP drivers for Hp dv6000 series can be downloaded here:

Thank you
i have hp pavilion dv6000 laptop came with vista. dawngraded the notebook to xp but now I dont have all the drivers. I am missing :
Audio device on high Definition Audio Bus
Ethernet Controller
Modem Device on high Definition Audio Bus
SM Bus Controller
Video Controller (VGA Compatible)
NavyBoy > yukon93 - Jun 28, 2008 at 11:10 PM
Attempting XP downgrade on DV6000 HP notebook and experiencing all above mentioned driver issues. I'd greatly appreciate any drivers you could email me. I'd find them myself, but I'm out floating around the ocean with the Navy and have limited bandwidth to complete such a hefty download. Thank you for your help - Matt
COMBO > yukon93 - Jul 7, 2008 at 03:49 AM
i formatted my laptop and put xp n vista... please can I have both drivers for vista and xp.... thank u very much.. my pc is hp pavilion dv6812nr.. but wouldn't mind having the drivers for dv6000
I have a dv6000 that I downgraded and now I need all the drivers for this laptop. I am having issues with the hp site not giving me what I need. if you could send me the drivers I would appreciate it.

armani x > yukon93 - Jul 23, 2008 at 06:35 PM
do you mind helping me with dv 6000 drivers..especially the ethernet controller
Duke_42 13 Posts Tuesday June 10, 2008Registration date June 11, 2008 Last seen - Jun 11, 2008 at 02:54 PM
There is a driver file sp32646 youneed to down load from the HP site (if you type the sp32646 in Google its faster), Install this first and then the audio drivers and then the Modem drivers, this will sort out the audio problims
Thank you
I have received several emails about hp dv6000... Where do I begin hummm... Some ppl are saying that they are having a problem with the sata part of installing windows,i didn't have any problems when I put my disc in and started loading windows,i would suggest that u put the disc in and do a total reload and totally wipe the hard drive out and do a clean windows install,if u need to make sure u get a copy of your orignal system like vista on a recovery disk,when the system completes the install make you have sp2 or service pack 2 then go online and do updates it should update and then ask if you to update the new sp3 or service pack 3 I would do that, after I did sp3 update I got sound and a few other drivers downloaded,then I shut down and reboot,it see's some drivers,after that I would go to nvidia.com and download the driver u need like etharnet,coprocesser,video,bus controller, and etc..when u go to nvidia let it see what operating system u have then and search for the video, you make have to put in the oem like geforce 7200 that came with vista home premium. I had no problems getting the drives to work.. if you have any ? feel free to email me..thanks and have a great day :)
Lou skywalker - Jul 9, 2008 at 01:43 PM
Thank you
here you get the drivers but you have to put the product or serila number to make sure which modelis it because they always put the model of the family
download HP Update and HP Software Update - Critical Security Update -install this one it`s gonna update the drivers-update after you install all the drivers,at the beggining the sound is not gonna work untill you update the drivers
for the modem driver go to www.conexant.com
Thank you
i have hp pavilion dv6000 laptop came with xp and e : recovery partition .
i formated my pc to use vista so the recovery partition was deleted
i am using rigth now xp again and I downloaded the drivers from hp web site but there are some programs wich came with the original xp I can`t find it in the web site
there are only drivers how can I find those important programes ?
I have the same problem, did you get to finde the recovery partition?
If you can help, I'll realy apreciate your help!
Thank you very much...
Thank you
i formated my drive after vista I installed xp, now half my hardware is not working and specially my audio..cant find any drivers that will solve the problem on the hp support website, please help iam in serious need here
Duke_42 13 Posts Tuesday June 10, 2008Registration date June 11, 2008 Last seen - Jun 11, 2008 at 02:52 PM
Hi Rob
There is a driver file sp32646 youneed to down load from the HP site (if you type the sp32646 in Google its faster), Install this first and then the audio drivers and then the Modem drivers, this will sort out the audio problims
lou > Duke_42 13 Posts Tuesday June 10, 2008Registration date June 11, 2008 Last seen - Jul 6, 2008 at 08:48 PM
go to www.conexant.com go to support and you get the driver
or go to www.hp.com but you have to download hp update & hp software-critical security update
try to get the update from microsoft as soon if possible and download the software for checking your hardware and it fix all the drivers
ali > Duke_42 13 Posts Tuesday June 10, 2008Registration date June 11, 2008 Last seen - Aug 25, 2008 at 01:17 AM

Install sp32646 and install audio driver but an errur apear on the screen.(Driver installation failed :could not find the MEDIA device for this driver.

Now what I do.
Thank you
i have drivers for installing xp on a dv6000 if anyone needs help. I did a downgrade from vista to xp pro on a hp pavilion dv6000
may I have all the drivers for dv6700 im missing three components that just say base system device

Hi I have a Dv6500 Series,(dv6636nr to be specific) and I am having troubles with one last driver. I cannot get the ethernet controller (Lan port) to install and I've been searching for quite some time. It would be great if you could send that driver to my email. Thanks
Hi, I will tray to downgrade one HP pavilion6500 from Vista to XP. Do you think you cane help me with the drivers? For the SATA issue it seams it cane be overtake with some BIOS settings without installing SATA driver. Do you think is working in this way ? Thanks
Hi, please e-mail me the working drivers needed for the dv6000 to run with XP.
My e-mail is my nick, @, and then gmaiil dot com.
i would appreciate gettin drivers for the ethernet controller for the dv6000 or I tink it is dv 6623em
Thank you
do u have all drivers for HP dv 6000?
I do not have any. I see a lot of links to them so I need the sata and all drivers
Thank you
hello I resently downgraded my hp pavilion dv6000 from vista home prem to windows xp pro but when I try to install the drivers for video and sound it says the drivers arent on the laptop, the second problem is that it says my graphics is a MCP... (cant remeber no.) but when I search on google its says its a sound driver not video. just wondering if anyone would be able to send me the drivers so I can get it working again scince I bougth this laptop its been hastle from the start I jsut want to get it working again. please email me on Email Id's removed for security
Thank you
i need help downgrading to xp on my hp dv6500
i need all the drivers for hp dv 6000
sata drive
Thank you
I have installed windows xp in my preinstalled windows vista hp pavillion 6705 laptop..i have installed xp in D drive.
vista is in C drive.After installing xp ,i rebooted the system.It is directly boting the xp only...and im unable play audio files.it is diving drivers are not there..please can u tel how to solve this problem .....how can I get the audio drivers and graphis for the hp pavalion 6705 laptop..

Thank you
hello i've got really strange problem..i did change vista to xp on my hp pavilion 6700, everything is all good besides the fact I can't save any voice when i'm speaking to microphone...when skype goes all is good but when i'm usin for ex voipdiscount no one hear's me...Help me to solve this strange thing...
Vampire_891 - Jun 4, 2008 at 11:39 PM
Thank you
Its been almosta month since I bought my new dv 6000series laptop (dv6815ee)!!! and so far no hardware problems.
Since it came with Vista (which I dont really like) I planned to downgrade it to xp,but then I realised that in the hp's driver download page,the drivers offered for xp is like around 5 odd drivers ,but at teh vista driver download page its got like around 15 odd drivers,So I managed to stick with vista

ok coming to the main problem... I got hit by a virus and my REALLY SMART BROTHER had to formatted the windows "c drive" ... now.. my recovery partition wont work cos the recovery manager is not there...and I cant recover shit rite now,i got all the drivers and all,but it ain't same as the factory settings.. like how I got it.>!!!

yukon93 5 Posts Tuesday May 27, 2008Registration date June 10, 2008 Last seen - Jun 5, 2008 at 10:20 AM
Thank you
Hello everyone, I have received many emails about drivers for a pavilion dv6000 labtop, I would suggest that you make a recovery disc before you do anything else. I recently did a downgrade on my pavilion dv6000 labtop to windows xp pro, everything went smooth, first go into the bios and make sure that boot from cdrom is selected as first boot,the insert disc and let it install, I have heard about sata problem, but did not encounter that, after install completes shut down reboot and then go online do updates for microsoft install updates then shut down and reboot again, after shutdown you might get sound but then again you might not,make sure that you install sp3 or service pack 3, now its time to find drivers, go to nvidia.com and select download drivers select your your video card like geforce series 7200 and download the drivers for motherboard and graphics you will have to select the I agree terms box to download the drivers after you install them you should have just about everything that you needed in the device manager. If not go to hp.com and get what you need..I hope I have been helpful to anyone that needs the drivers...please post comments about what I posted.. I would make happy that I was able to help ppl that I don't know and not charge money like many ppl do...have a great day..bye
Thank you
If you have xp installed you need to go to nvidia.com to download the video that u need and it may help you with the other drivers that u need. But go to nvidia.com and let if search for your drivers on your motherboard and graphics this should help you.. As far as the web cam and other drivers you needed go to hp.com type in your model number like pavilion dv6000 and select xp drivers from hp, download and install them.. Let me know if this works for ya.bye
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