My laptop says I have no audio device [Solved/Closed]

 Anon -
I followed other peoples advice on different forums but none of them fixed/matched my problem,
the little speaker icon in the bottom corner says I have no audio device installed.
So I went onto device manager and it says I do, this confused me, I tried disabling and enabling it, did not work.
Now I'm stuck for what to do please help me.

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Go to start - Control Pannel - Hardware and Sound - Device Manager - Sound, video and game contolers - Your Audio Device - Click on DISABLE and click OK to the warning that appears, Then click on ENABLE to activate it. Hopefuly this will work as it did for me.
Thank you

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yes this works.... this happened to me before and I some how figured it out and forgot how to do I again thank goodness someone else has had this happen....
i have a problem in my laptop windows xp... I have no audio device that's why I cant hear any sound in my computer
thank you so much!!! I am very glad that my audio device is okay now...
Wow, its like you didnt even read the question, she already tried that.
Hey, I use Windows XP and I had exactly same problem on my PC. But I found a solution and it's easy. Just go to Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Services and find Windows Audio. Double click it. Click start and then Ok.
Hope you will find your sound back.
THANKS - even 3 years later this solution still works!!
what do I do I have tryed everything it says I have no audio output but had it yesterday please help

I had the same problem but I actually solved it so maybe this will help for someone else out there!
The speaker icon in the corner said I had no "audio device installed" and I went onto device manager and read the description of solving the problem but it didn't really help... If anything it stressed me out a little more because its so confusing. But I did figure it out another way, SO here it goes:

I went to "start", clicked on "help and support", searched "sound", clicked on 1. "troubleshoot sound problems" then "I can't hear sound from my computer" and then clicked to "open device manager." From there I expanded the "sound, video and game controller" then right clicked on "conexant high def. audio" and then "update driver software." It only took a couple minutes to download the software but shortly after my sound was back!

I didn't experience this problem until I downloaded all of HPs updates so I'm not sure if that had something to do with it but I've never had any probs with this PC before. So ya! Hopefully this will be somewhat helpful cause restarting my computer like 4 times did NOT work... :P Hope this helps!
update ur drivers
In the end, I clicked on START, then RUN. In the RUN box, I typed MSCONFIG.

From the MSCONFIG window, I selected SERVICES and began to scroll through the list. I noticed that WINDOWS AUDIO had somehow been deselected. I checked the box, closed out of MSCONFIG, restarted and, HOLY MOLY!!!!My audio was back!!!!

This may or may not work for you. I have an ASUS eeePC 900 XP and neither ASUS nor Realtek, the manufacturer of the audio driver, could solve the problem. Sometimes ya just gotta roll up your sleeves and do it yourself!
Go to device manager in control panel and find out what kind of sound device(s) you have. If there was a CD that came with your computer, I'd check that for drivers first. Otherwise just Google it and you should be able to find the driver available for download pretty easily.
Hey thanks a lot ur advice really helped

Here are the steps u need to follow:

1) First install Advanced Sytem Care Free.
2) Reboot ur computer and start with safe mode (right after you reboot before any windows screen appears, keep pressing F8. )
3) After it boots at Safe Mode, go to control panel, add remove programs , look for your sound driver you installed, presumably RealTek drivers. Remove /uninstall it, by just clicking on it.
After it removes it, will prompt to a screen asking to reboot, do not reboot. Say no, for later.
4) Then, go to Advanced System Care Free, which you can find under start, programs, etc...
5) Run it. Spefically run the Windows Maintenance which it's the top circle option that should clear your registry files of audio you uninstall. You may have to run it once or twice until you see no more errors found in registry.
6) Reboot, again make sure you hit F8 to go to Safe Mode.
7) Go back to Advanced System Care Free, run the same thing again. Clear all the errors until no registry errors found.
8) Install the Realtek driver. After install will ask for reboot.
9)Computer is rebooting, do not hit f8, let the windows run normally, you SHOULD hear the sound.
My 2005 Toshiba tablet with windows tablet version used to run sound fine until the other day when I was deleting some things I might have deleted the wrong thing? Now I have no sound and under my sounds and audio device properties it says "no audio device" so I can't get into the volume adjustments area. how do I go about fixing this so my audio works again?
Go to "Start", "Control Panel", Administrative Tools, Computer Management, click on "Device Manager" on the left hand side and look on the right hand side. See if you have a yellow exclamation next to the "Sounds, Video and Game Controllers". If yes, double-click on the line with the exclamation and then click on the driver tab at the top. Click update driver and when it asks if you would like to to check the internet for updated drivers, tell it yes, this time only and continue. After this process, it should either download and install a new driver for your sound card or install the one that was shipped with your computer. If this does not work, please let me know and we will check the next possible problem.

Hey, I have Acer Aspire 5670, and I just reinstalled XP on it and it tells me that I have no audio device, in device manager it says audio drivers (legacy) work properly but in properties it shows no devices, I installed Realtek audio drivers, it just does not work. Tried everything, Could please anyone help me with this problem? Also in device manager when I right click on audio drivers I dont have an option to uninstall them. Please help!
When you find out what to do let me know. I have been having the same problem for the past week.
Ok I solved it just in case anyone wondered, unistall your speaker audio, then go download the same sound card (if you want the same audio) then after your laptop restarting about 2-3 times you've got your sound back! If you have what I have, realtek HD, and vista, re-install the right thing then click on setup and re-install the whole download and all the other stuff process takes round about 1h-1h30.
> Wren
If u were so concerned about the min that I wasted, you shouldn't have responded. Try suggesting something instead you moron. Next time try using ur brains(if u have any...ok??)

Have a nasty day
Talk to my hand
just change your windows dude

Install w7 or xp
Vista needs more (RAM) and is 16gb to 22gb instead of my windows 7 (2.5gb)

Sorry Wren we aren't a tool sitting on our computer all day like you are! F-off
I have window 7 buhh my audio doesnt work either ;[
im doing what you did, but when I go to setup, it doesnt have something that I would be able to reinstall realtek hd!!!! u freakn ripped me off
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Installing MSUAA (Microsoft Audio Architecture) before installing the sound driver might help.
if it says no audio device in sounds and audio devices then you dont have an audio device
try downloading realtek ac or or sigma tel
I recently had to get a new harddrive for my computer and I have no sound.. I have a beep noise when something comes up but that is it.. how do I re install the sound card device thing?? it's a legacy sound card on a acer- travelmate 4060.. any suggestions?? I need my sound to work for uni!
see post 53
i have the same problem...
First of all, ensure under the BIOS setting you have enable sound/audio device (for Toshiba PC press F1 to get into bios setting), save and exit (press END).
After rebooting you should see found new hardware that is multimedia audio device, then you can start installing the driver.
need to xp sound card driver
It worked for me after I installed a downloaded sound driver on my B130

here's the link:;impid=-1&formatcnt=1&libid=3&fileid=195627
Hey, nice work! It's always good to see people actually trying to fix their own problems instead of waiting to be spoonfed the answer. I've used the Dell support site many times to download drivers or tools that I needed.
When you re-install an o/system it causes windows to use general drivers for your cards and hardware. Most of your hardware should be plug and play but some of your hardware needs specific drivers to work properly. This causes alot of p.c's not to work properly after a re-install as your new version of windows isn't recognizing some of your hardware anymore and/or is not running it properly. This can also happen if in-correct drivers are installed or old drivers are rolled back. Windows is basically using the wrong information to run the hardware, so the hardware doen't work as it should.

Your computer's operating system only knows whats on its memory or whats installed. Windows will only know how to use the hardware it has installed in its system again, when it has the correct drivers to work them installed. In basic terms these drivers are like knowledge on how the cards work properly to an artificial brain.

The best thing to do is update your drivers from the websites of either the people who either made your computer or the makers of the actual card. You'll need the model number of your machine (if using the p.c manufacterors website) and know what soundcard your using (make and model). Use device manager through the add hardware option in control panel as directed above or download a program to help find all your information for you (i used one made by iobit.) write down all this info and search the sites for the software you need.
If not use google to help seach for drivers just type in the model and make into the seach engine plus the word driver and a whole load of information should pop up, alot of it garbage!

Just steer clear of programs wanting to update your drivers for you for a small fee like driver doctor etc. (unless you want to pay and use their servce its up to you! but you can usually find a free alternative by looking harder or searching!)
HI..I had the same problem...go into device manager and click uninstall your plug and play audio drive...reboot and windows will reinstall your audio.

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