Windows XP install Problem

uday - Nov 28, 2010 at 12:23 PM
 AyixZ - Jul 28, 2017 at 10:46 AM

I'm using a HP Mini laptop
Model=Hp Mini 110-3000
Product No=XC662PA#ACJ
Serial No= CNC0283GZC
BIOS Revision=F.07

when I open Bios it is Insydel H20 Rev 3.5

I have a very serious problem since many days, my laptop is not accepting
USB Pen drive,Bluetooth is not working, WIFI is not working,daily Sound driver and display driver problem is occuring....... so Im fed up with all these problems..I tried to format it with new Windows Xp service Pack 2, it is still not accepting because it is showing BSOD during the process.. I read your suggestions for other people but, there is no SATA showing in BIOS to change it the solution you told.
Please give me some suggestion as soon as possible


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Nov 28, 2010 at 01:48 PM

Try this 1

Solution 1:

Disable the "SATA Native Mode" in the BIOS. But the performance decreases.

Solution 2:

1) Download nlite software & install it

2) Download SATA Driver from this link

After downloading ---> Right click on sp37005 file---> Select "Extract to

sp37005/" (Note : You can use winrar to extract the files)

Now can see the folder "sp37005", inside it you can find the drivers in the folder

named "Files".

3) Place the "Windows xp" CD in the drive.

4) Open nlite application --> click on "Browse" and navigate it to your

CD\DVD drive that contains xp cd placed in that drive. ----> Then it asks you

where to save the files ---> Just navigate to your desired location ---> Click on

"New Folder" button and select that folder ---> Click on OK ---> Now it copies the

windows xp files. After that click on Next--->Next.

5) In task selection ---> Click on "Drivers" and "Bootable ISO" options --> Click on


6) Now click on "Insert" ---> Click on "Multiple Folder" ---> Navigate to the driver's

extracted location and select the folder "Files" --->Click on "All" button -->

--->Click on "OK" ---> In "Text mode integration options", select all the drivers

and click on OK --> Click on "Next".

7) Click on "Yes" to start the process. Then click on "Next".

8) In "Mode" option select your choice whether you want to make image or burn

it to CD.

9) If you want to make ISO file then click on "Make ISO" button

10) After burning this slipstream xp, now try to install it.

Good luck.
facing same problem... and with your walktrough I manage to solve the problem...

Thank you man. You saved my day.

Thanks man ^^
wow....finally, the right answer!!!

thanks so much!!! I really work !!!!!
Thanks , We have faced same problem , resolved it by this