Cannot connect on call of duty 4 to online [Solved/Closed]

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When I play call of duty 4 for PS3 I go to multi-player and then go to play online when I try and find a match such as team deathmatch or free-for-all it takes a long time to find a match and when it does it says that the window has been closed. Other times it doesnt go to find a match a window comes up and says "Downloading game settings'

Please help, Thanks.

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had the same problem and this does actually solve it!!

Go to the online lobby screen where you get the option to select 'Find Game' etc and then switch off the power to your router (don't just disconnect your ethernet cable). Press 'X' to exit the 'You have been disconnected... ' screen and then exit the game to go back to the PS3 menu. Plug your router back in and sign back into the PS Network. Then try COD4 again and it will work.

I honestly thought this was a load of crap when I read it, but it definately worked for me and my problem was exactly the same as yours!
Thank you

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Thanks soooooooo much dude I used to hav to leave my ps3 on all night ant then play it the next day and if I turned it off or changed the game I couldnt play for the rest of the day
Thank you so much. Do add me on pan if wanna play COD4 with me.
activision just needs to fix the damn game if u want to open a new game just know that the damn thing works

Thanks alot, actually works
Spot on my friend!!!!! :-)))
Is not the router there is something wrong with the call of duty network cause me and my friends are all having the same problem...
Must be the COD Network... I have tried direct connect to my cable modem and everything. Only issue I have is with playing COD4
Well done hipo. Worked for me. Thanks!
This same thing happens to me, I click play online and it just freezes at downloading game settings. this is on ps3 by the way, and the worst part is i'm at college so I can't even touch the modem or anything like that.
i took out my router for 60 seconds and mines working fine now! thanks to the man who posted that response!!!
This is how you fix it throw it in the garbage and get a Xbox
Try this: Unplug both your cable modem and router for 60 seconds, then plug your PS3 directly into your cable modem. If that works, disconnect from there and then connect to your router...
Just turn router off and then back on then it works fine. no need to unplug anything
I Had This Problem And I Was Very Angry :) !! Well , usualy it's simple , just un plugg your router and all ethernet cables and then plug it in after like a minute or 2 :) Then It Should Work , It Worked For Me :)))
You can try my method ! Go to ur ps3, sign-out the PSN first, then disable the Internet Connection, after that enable on again and sign-in the PSN . Finally get into the game, to multiplayer mode , find game . works 100% for me.
thanks shellyboy71 you were right turn ur router off for 60 secs and it works :) thanks mate !
Yo ppl ! I have another way which is better n faster than hippo's ! In my way, I usually do it when I turn my ps3 on n off .So the first thing you have to do is go to Setting in your PS3, go down to the Network Setting, choose the Internet Connection and Disable it . After that, turn it on again, and sign in the PSN then get into the game . To the Multiplayer mode, find game n it will show u the board right away, for those cases which show the Downloading Game Setting board, just wait for a second, it will sort itself out . I recommend u guy should turn the internet in ur ps3 first n turn off the system then turn it on again, after that u do like the things I tell above .
simply is : Turn off --> on the internet, sign in the PSN, get into game n Find Game. ( if it not working, try it again, will probably works )

This method always works for me (100%) . So try this n reply to me if it works or any questions . Goodluck ppl
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Thanks for sharing, Very helpful. :)
I live on campus and use the wireless connection there so I have no access to the router. Any ideas as to how I can fix this "downloading game settings..." problem?
If you are still having problems, I would consider a cleanup of your computer itself. If you are using something different than Windows Firewall, then that might be the reason. You could try reseting your router if you wish. Download CCleaner (Google it) and then run a registry and system check. This should free up any excess clutter slowing down your connection. I hoped I helped. Thanks for posting!
I just bought Call of duty 4 but I had Call of Duty 5, and I have the same problem then all of you. I had the problem once with call of duty 5 and now its call of duty 4. I think its a general problem with internet. Could be call of duty servers or your internet. Last night my ps3 was disconnected from the access point then I unplugged, like some of you said, and worked perfectly. Right now im still waiting after the ''downloading game settings'' but I think we have to unpluge the router for maybe 1 or 2 min.
hey that dude hipo help me alot thanx hipo it was easy as 123 im back on
I have the same problem, except it happens with ALL of my games. It simply won't connect to any online games. On COD 4 it just says "downloading game settings" for ages and I have never been able to play it online at home. It has nothing to do with the PS3, as it works perfectly at my friends house using his router, wirelessly and wired. Try using a friends router or something and if it works I think you have to find some way to make your router allow the IP addres and subnet mask on the PS3... Hope this helped you and if you find a solution to this can you please tell me?
Im having the same issue. but my just hangs on downloading game settings.

add me jdtamimi

Yeah like today I'm having the same problem when ever I go play online then I click find match takes forever its like your in the main menu but yeah I think the network of it has something to do with it I am not sure but hopefully tomorrow it will be fixed for the people who can not access to Call of Duty 4 Online if not try email Infinity Ward or change your IP address turn your modem off and turn it back on or restart your PS3 those will help if not this may hurt Delete your file COD4 and install and yes its like restarting everything but don't do it that is just if you cannot access online to COD4 for a month or over but hope this helps and this is just some information wanted to help and thanks hope this helps.
If ur signed in to PSN, COD 4 gives the fatal error message. But if logged out from PSN, COD4 starts. But when u want to play online, you can't log in to PSN. This is my problem with ps3. We know that to be able play online, you gotta be logged in to PSN.

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