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I am using Windows Xp and I get a windows error saying *windows cannot find regedit * while opening regedit from run . I am unable to open even cmd , task manager , msconfig from run . Is my computer effected with viruses . Please help me solve this out

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The most obvious answer to why such a problem is happenning might be that the Registry Files have been corrupted or some of them are missing. It might also be that there has been a file which was modified and it resulted in such. The problem can be easily solved by repairing your system by using your installation disc.

The steps to follow are simple, start by booting the system using the installation cd. Then, get through the simple wizard. You will be requested to press R key to get the system repair.

In the case that the Regedit has been disabled, get through this Start> Run> Type gpedit.msc and press enter> User Configuration> Administrative Templates> System> Prevent Access to registry tools and from there get it disabled.

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Hey Thanks. However, this doesn't work too. I even can't open the TaskManager...any other idea?

You cant open any of them if you're infected virus which can damage your EXE file associations

You may need run EXE registry fix