Audio control keys not working on my laptop

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I'm operating a laptop Asus K60lJ on Windows 7 64bit. The Keyboard Audio controls button are not working. Please help. Thanks a lot

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Hello Modz,

The actual trouble should actually be sourcing from your sound driver. Please get to the Device Manager. You will easily get to the device manager by opening Run, typing devmgmt.msc and pressing Enter key or still right click on my computer>properties and go to device manager tab. From then get to your sound driver, right click on it and select Update.

This should solve the issue, if not, please indicate for further help.

Kind regards.
I would like some additinal help. I downloaded a windows update inwhich crashed my computer and the Windows 7 disc couldn't locate the OS boot loader. I just decided to reinstall windows 7. In doing so my sound keys on the F7-F9 keys have stopped working just for the sound. The rest of the keys function properly even as function keys? I went into device manager and it says the audio etc is up to date? HELP
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what is your PC model?(including model number)