Windows live messenger wont install

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whenever i try to install new windows live messenger, it wont work. i've kept goin over and over it agen but it just wont work. so i tried another one and that wouldn't work either. i have used it before and it worked ok, but then it started to sign me out automatically.

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like wise i cannot instal windows live 2009 on xp service pack 3
it WAS running ok , but every week or two, it wont let me sign in, saying an error (i think it is 81000803 meaning that host file neames cannot be resolved) so i after NONE of the advice works have to re-instal in after uninstaling...
this sometimes works (not that i SHOULD have to at all), but now and again it WONT reinstal as i thinks i already have it installed.
however i have even gone and deleted all left over files, and i cant get it to instal anything except writer, gallery, and othe rthings that i DONT need or want..
what is going on? and why does this happen almost EVERY WEEK:? and why should i bother putting up with it?
Thank you

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> Venom091
actually i have given up totally on msn!
read reply to an above message and you'll see what happened!
now uyuse pidgin and aMSN
> gnowave
yeh zapmessenger and shootmessenger, the "official" cleaner is crap!
any one noticed that msn/live advice is hit and miss? and tend to always make you feel aas if its YOU who is the problem? just not good enough...

i have been using aMSN and pidgin... but even tho they are official IM's that are alloowed to use tyour msn contaqcts and stuff and address and password i find wen i mention them0on these forums it gets taken off, tTHAt and the fact that i was FORCED to accept msn updates i didnt want, well go figure, just not good enough...
> gnowave
Perfect utility. Finally got rid of windows live so I can reinstall. Thanks.
> jeffl
actually the cleaner NEVR works with this..
the only one that does anything noticable is shootmessenger

in fact now i dont even bother at al, to use msn messenger...
last time i tried it was unbeleivable

i was on a previous version, and "happy" with it, then as i tried to log in (now this is CO-ERSION) i got pop-up "requesting" that i updated..
it gave me a "choice", or appeared to be at any rate...

i clicked no, but as i tried to log in again up it pops disallowing me to log in!! now i RESENT THAT.... it is MY pc and shud be MY choice...

so i finally relented and let it in..
what did it do??
took unreasonable time to instal, then when it opened and i logged in, NO ADDRESSES!! i have tried countless times to reinstal etc etc etc , followed ALL advice, now i just dont nother!
use instead poidgin and aMSN, not perfect, but they dont bullshit me
> jeffl
sorry jeff, not meanin g to seem too hard here, buty
why bothe to mention the cleaner when deleting the old files from the programme files was right thing to do?
i have a big isssue with many professionals trying tofrighten foplk from knowing THEIR OWN PC's its not good enough , like old school doctors used to do...
(not saying thats your approach)

for me msn has brocken its last straw...
was forced to instal new 2009 version,
i diodnt want it, but ehres what happend, its dredful! unacceptable really...

now, i had just got this new PC (2nd hand but fine enuf for job needed for) and istaled a version 7 or 8 i think anyway... as i went to log in as per usual, and i get a pop-up (SPAM) and it askes me IF i want to update, and gave me the appearance of giving me CHOICE< but was phoney ...
i cvlicked NO, and went to log in again, and i just got that dammed pop up again IT WOULD NOT LET ME LOG ON as i opbviouslty HAD to select YES i want update, wich i certainly DID NOT..
i ebnded uop very angrily updating and guess what?
it has never worked properly (i am on diferent PC now so it cant be bllamed again...
it had NONE of my contacts and i have tried a few times to re-instal, so stuff it, i dont want to use msn anymkore, its crap and itsa always blamed on user, NOT GOOD ENOUFGH ...
so am using msn alternativs that i can stil, use msn password and address liem PIDGIN and aMSN , try them
please help,
my msn wont let me download the old version, as it is better then the new one, it keeps saying i have the new one updated, and i need to uninstall it,
i have gone through all my files and everything uninstalling and deleting them, and it still saids the same thing.

what can i do to get the old messenger to download and work, without it saying i have the new version (when i have already uninstalled it)
it also installs some parts like mail, and family safety, but i don't want that, all i want is the old messenger back.
Please help
Try this one,
Zap MSN Live
get it at the site below - it worked for me
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wow thats awsome!!!!!
Try this Windows Live Messenger Uninstaller v0.01 tool:

It is free, softpedia certified and should solve the problem in your case.
hola atodos
hey, so i had a problem with being unable to install the program because it kept saying that there was a 'newer verison' installed even though i had gone to add/remove programs to get rid of the newer one.

BUT the 'wlarp.exe' file suggested above worked for me!! :D so try that if other stuff isn't working?