Windows booting screen not responding

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I'm having problem to boot cd, i changed the CD as primary boot already, which is correct but when it try to boot from the cd, i can hear the cd room spinning for 20 seconds, and stop, and what i got on my screen is black, and a small "_" flashing , and nothing happen.

My cd was fine, i tried with three windows cd ( xp,vista,7 ultimate) but all of them having the same problem, please advice me on this.


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hi there,
could one of many things.
could you please boot the computer normally then put the disk in and see if autorun etc works, as your dvd/cd drive may be faulty as the "_" usually appears while the disk is being read.
also are they upgrade disks (xp, vista, 7 ultimate) because they arean't bootable if so.
try open up your BIOS and set device priorities again.
or probably there is a problem with a Hardware, I once had that kind of problem; I don't know exactly what is going wrong. I tried also different kind of OS all of them are bootable and working OK to the other computer, but when I trying to install any of them, it says that make sure devices are powered on. I was thinking it was my mobo because everything is working ok, the dvd drive, and the hard disk. Just wanna share with you :)