None of the memories are as stated!

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The stated size of my hard disk is 40 GB but when I look it in "my computer" its only 37 GB.
My RAM is 256 MB but I can see only 254 MB.
My pen drive is of 2 GB. But I can see only 1.86 GB.
The built-in memory of my mobile is stated 512 kb but in the mobile I see only 506 kb.
The size of memory card in my mobile is 2 GB but in the mobile it shows only 1.89 GB.

I wonder why none of the memories are as stated!!

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Mar 11, 2011 at 09:11 AM

Well 1Gb is 1000 Mb whatever the size is do this calculation:

lets say 200 Gb divide by 1.024 again divide by 1.024 again 1.024 means 3 times then answer you get will be as you mentioned try it.