Can't format Usb [Closed]

 The_Reaper92 -
Well, My dads new 1gb MP3 player now doesn't seem to work.
He tells me he put some songs on it, and the next day the songs he added worked but, the ones already on it where playing as if they where in fast Forward.
When connected to the PC the Removable Drive Icon appears, BUT, i tried Right clicking and it crashes the Exploreri was wondering if there was any other way of formatting it by using say, CMD, or software?

It confuses me. ;(
Anyone who can help it will be appreiated greatly, thank you.

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Also, Just tried going through;
Manage>Disk management

That crashes the same thing.

Am now beginning to think the drive might be infected....

search this software Repair_v2.9.1.1.exe
and try this it will help you......your situation is caused by registry setting changes
it disables the writing to the usb.
> karan
Hello Karen,
I currently fixed the Flashdrive problem, i didn't try the CMD format method.
I didn't search online i just used my own Knowledge and tried it and hoped for the best really haha.

Thank you for helping though, i will keep your answer in mind incase my CMD method doesn't work the next time this happens.

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