My micro SD card is not detected by computer [Solved/Closed]

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My micro SD card is not detected by computer when I connect through USB card reader. I am using this card for my mobile. When I put the micro SD card on my Nokia mobile, its not detecting. Please help me.
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ok, I finally figured out the dang thing on my computer! I have a 2 gb sandisk memory card. it came in a pack with two different sized adapters that the memory card can slip into, depending on what size is compatible with your computer (i did not know that this is what you do with the memory card). I was keeping the tiny memory card in my phone (LG choc 8500), while plugging the charger cord (which doubles as the usb cable) into my computer. alas, that did nothing. more frustration--thinking it must be that I don't have the right "software" to run to access my photos and doing many searches for the "right" software solution... then the discovery with inserting the memorycard into the adapter (on my laptop, it's at the front below the touchpad-very sly sneaky place). then, after, again, nothing happening, searching forums on other lost memory card-ers, I discovered that there is a very tiny "switch" on the left of the adapter, next to the "S" on sandisc, that must be flipped down in order to "work," or grant photo/media access. a prompt came up on my screen asking me to choose which program to run/open the photos on (for me, it was windows media center), and to my relief, all my photos were there! I hope this helps.

Thank you, kumar-cat 147

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Well Done man...been searching for ever (talked to useless nokia staff 5 times).
Happy Dayz !! ;-)
i did that and my computer still doesnt recognize the SD card adaptor
i did this but it still didnt work
thanks worked for me also
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On the actual card, make sure that the "locked-switch" is in the middle. The "lock-switch" is the sliding tab on the side (mine is on the left side) of the micro SD card.

The dial should be in the exact middle, or as close to the middle as possible, or the card will read something along the lines of "This data card in encrypted", when inserting the chip into the computer.
Thank You So Much!!!! <3
omg thank you!!! such an easy fix
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Thank you!
Thank you so much you don't know how i was looking for this! THANK YOU
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Try this is a hotfix from microsoft..
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First of all, some of you simply aren't helpful...just return it...indeed!

My son just got a phone (Pantech Matrix), and we were trying to transfer his playlist from Windows Media Player to the phone. Had to buy a SanDisk microSD card for the phone to hold the music (and also because nobody in town had a Pantech compatible USB cable to transfer the few songs he has). I bought a 4 gig SanDisk microSDHC card, and the store clerk told me the HC was just how they (SanDisk) classify the high capacity disks and nothing else was different. Well, folks, that is just plain WRONG. One other, critical, distinction is that if it says HC on it you must have a reader that can handle HC. My old (4 years?) SanDisk card reader (Imagemate 8 in 1) is not HC compatible, and so, even though made by the same manufacturer, it CANNOT read the card I bought. So, my two choices are: first, return the 4 gig SDHC microcard and get a smaller card that is not HC, which obviously limits the stuff he can store on his phone, or second, buy a new reader that can handle the newer HC disks. Some of you may have other problems (For instance, flipping the switch on the left side of the SanDisk Adapter, which somebody referenced and I tried, since nothing in the packaging mentioned that switch!) that aren't impacted by your reader, but check your device (camera, reader, etc.) and if it is over a few years old I wouldn't be surprised if it isn't modern enough to recognize an HC card (it may have HC stamped somewhere to indicate it is capable), and you have to decide if you want to dial backwards in terms of storage capacity or bite the bullet and upgrade your device to handle these advanced cards.
THANK YOU!!! I have been having issue with accessing pictures that are on a new SD HC memory card. I am unable to access the card from my old USB card adapter... I have read a lot of comments on the web, most are trying to blame windows... but finally an answer that makes sense!!!
Thank you for this post - it saved me much frustration!! Card worked fine on a newer card reader. :-)
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I did a factory reset on my 5310 and afterwards mem card asks for passwords. 12345, 123456 password nogo. Plugged it into card reader into PC, gets "please insert disk..." message. Tried to format in DOS, still not recognized to even try a format.

Solution: I had my friend format my mem card on his nokia 6120c. It doesnt asks for a password when formatting. Plugged mem back to my phone, now its accessible. Voila
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Hi all,

o.k. I've seen several bits about my micro SD HC card doesn't work in my computer.

Here's the reason why, you ready?

You can not use an older SD card adapter with a SD HC micro SD chip. It will not allow your computer to recognize it.

Puzzle solved.

Buy a SD HC adapter and your computer will recognize the Micro SD HC chip.


From: dudeiknow.
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Tank you very much I wasn't able to format or read in my PC
then I read about the password and problem SOLVED tnkx :D
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The password of memory card would usually be the Remote Phone Locking password. That worked for me many times.
Hello,But I try to delete the password from my phone,yes,it deleted it,but I have to put a new one?i cant
You dont have to put in a new one all you have to do it put your old password in an then it will come off that happend to me recenly. or if you take your sim card out and you memory card just pretent to forget your password and it wipes everything off your phone and then you just have to do the setup wizard again hopefully it works ..
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I have been having this problem also.

What I have come to believe is that anything over a 1gig card has problems being detected by your computer.

I have used a 2gig and a 4gig sd card and they both do not get detected. My 1gig card and below work just fine.

My solution to this problem was to connect the camera to your computer and go to camera within the "My Computer" tab, right click on it, it should give you an option to "get Pictures/Images."

Does anybody have any ideas on how to format and/or a program to add onto the sd card so that these large gig cards read automatically?
i can not read or format it ?
how can I read or format my micro sd card by computer?
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Check the card is not password protected, cause if it is you won't find it unless the password is removed
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try this trick: first double-click on your card reader without the card on it, it will say "insert a disc on the drive" then you can insert your card on the reader, then it will say " format before use" click OK and it's done.
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I am having the same kind of trouble :( The only difference is that my micro SD card is for my DSTT and when I put it into USB card reader, it doesnt do anything. At one point it said unknow device attached, and then my mom plugged her MP3 into the second USB port and the remark went away. Maybe the computer does read it, but when ever I try to download the link off of, it doesnt do anything:( Idk if I am putting my micro SD card in wrong, or if maybe my computer is just a piece of junk....some one please help me!
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This is a problem which appears to be a Windows XP fault. I put my 8gig SD card in the slot in the computer, it does nor recognise it. I restart with the card in the machine and it recognises it and I download the pictures. I take the card out, put it back in the camera take some pictures put it back in the machine and hey presto! It doesn't recognise it again. Therefore it is not a driver fault nor is it an XP update fault, it is an inherent problem with XP. I find that 4gig+ USB drives generally don't get recognised in a wide variety of machines as well. Microsoft needs to get its finger out on this, or I will get a Mac.
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TRY OPTION 'MEDIA TRANSFER' FROM THE FRONT SCREEN instead of 'Mass Storage' which I used to do.
And Right Click 'DCIM' (which showed up with a locked sign) but ignore the lock <>Explore <> double click to go on to see your pictures.
Hope this helps!
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