How to connect T 636 mobile to pc internet

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i have tecno T 636 mobile phone and i want to connect it to my pc for free internet browsing. kindly assist me by sending me a guidlines to this. thanks

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It seems as if people cant read. Everyone wants to use the internet on the computer to brows the web on their phone. Lets assume i dont have unlimited internet on my phone and cant get it. how would i access the internet on my computer using my windows mobile phone?
So many people reply "how to use the mobile phone as a modem to connect to the internet".
That is not the answer to this question!

Here's the situation:
I have a PC/Laptop = connected to the internet.
I have a mobile phone = not connected to the internet.
I connected my mobile phone by a USB cable to my PC/Laptop.

Here is the question:
How do I browse the internet on my mobile phone, using my PC/Laptop's internet connection?
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Dec 18, 2009 at 05:02 AM
How to connect your phone to the internet through your laptop using your phone wireless:

First of all, you have to prepare your laptop internet connection:
find your internet connection and allow sharing the connection ( go to network connection right click properties, in the sharing tab, check: ''allow other network users to connect through this computer internet connection'' Note your your internet connection must be closed during setup........

Secondly: You need to create a new connection:
you need to setup a new wireless connection, to allow your phone to connect through wireless to your PC/LAPTOP, CONNECTION TYPE IS : WIRELESS AD HOC (COMPUTER-TO-COMPUTER) NETWORK
network security: Wep, with a 5 characters pass code/password.

Activate the connection to allow other devices to connect to your laptop/PC

Lastly, search for wireless networks through your phone and connect to your Laptop/PC to allow your mobile phone to automatically detect your access point and IP address.

Sharing PC INTERNET to your Cellphone Via Bluetooth
Step 1
First create a new acces point:
Go to - Tools > Settings > Connection > Access points > Options > Create new access point
Name the access point anything you wish. In my case I called it Bluetooth, but you name it as you want since the connection name doesn't matter, unlike GnuBox.
Connection Name > Bluetooth (Or anything else you want. Be careful, Connection Name and Access Point Name are different things)
Data Bearer > Packet Data
Access Point name > internet (smart user kasi ako, paki try nalang po sa globe)
Leave others on default then go to Options > Advanced settings.
On the proxy server address enter and 1234 as the proxy port number. Now press back two times to exit and save the new access point.

Step 2
Installation on the phone
On the folder that you extracted \Hiisi1.6.3\Hiisi\bin there are Hiisi.jar and Hiisi.jad.
Copy both files to the root of your MMC or phone memory, doesn't matter how you get the files to your phone, via usb or bluetooth, is important that both files are in the same directory for proper installation.
Then using any file explorer (could even use nokia file manager) locate and run the hiisi.jad file and not the JAR, this will be in a path looking something like E:/hiisi.jad (it is important to run the jad file, and NOT the jar file, or simply won't work at all, but .jar file must also be present in same dir as the .jad file for successful installation), so follow all on screen prompts which comes from after clicking the hiisi.jad file, and go ahead and install it.
When prompted for the installation directory when you install the .jad file, select the directory where your .jad and .jar files are located.

Step 3
Configuring the server on PC
First we need to know the COM port used by your bluetooth.
In my case is COM11 under BlueSoleil 2.1.3 Release. In the main panel of BlueSoleil go to My Services > Properties > Serial Port A.
For default Windows XP SP2 and Vista drivers ,You can go to Control Panel > Bluetooth Devices > COM Ports tab.

Step 4
now extract the attachment and seach Pihatonttu.cmd
then right click and edit it with notepad.
you willl see a code like

start javaw -Djava.library.path=. -cp .\lib\comm.jar;.\lib\jdic.jar;.\class Pihatonttu.PihatonttuMain COM7 null
now look for for your bluetooth serial COM port number and edit the that underlined COM7 with your COM port.(please always use port number below 10.if all your COM ports below 10 in use,try to uninstall Nokia PC suit like softwares.)
*if your COM port is 3 edit it as COM3.
*if your COM port is 7 don't edit its already there....
now save it.(not save as...)
Now run that Pihatonttu.cmd
you will see this if you add proper com port.
look 2 img.bmp from Desktop.rar...

Step 5
now Pair your mobile device with bluesoleil or windows default bluetooth drivers...
Now launch the Hiisi Proxy on your Phone. It will ask you "Allow application Hiisi bla bla bla...?" Press Yes.
***Select and press Bluetooth Mode then it will say "Inquiring bluetooth devices..."
***On the next screen you will see the btspp://..... Selection.This is the RFCOMM service and you need to select this one. (select the first and not the second)
***if you got this you are in correct path...
look 3 img.bmp from desktop.rar....
Normally now you can go ahead on browsing the web now but to be sure let's go to Options > Settings. Bluetooth mode must be selected.
Bluetooth Connection > Check now must be checked.
User Agent > Select Mozilla/5.0(Symbian OS S60 Browser/Safari) then press OK
you guys posting the same question over and over and over again but it seems like nobody post the right answer.
u r rite, i'm looking for it too. seems like everyone not understand wat u r talking abt.

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I had a guest comment that it was not possible to get the wifi on a phone which doesn't have the LAN connection as he would not be able to purchase

Is this comment correct?
how do we give internet connection to the mobile phone?
I have Internet connection on my computer which is run Windows VISTA.
my cellphone is N73 & i want access my Computer INTERNET on my N73 mobile.
so reply me the setting which is connect PC Internet on my NOKIA N73 mobile.
pls reply me...............
Please i need your assistance by giving me the full details of how to connect my pc to my Mobile phone...and my Mobile Phone Made is Nokia N70...bye for now and i do hope to hear from you soon

iyke > prince
May 22, 2009 at 07:30 AM
I have nokia 3110c mobile phone and I want to connect it to my pc for free internet browsing. Kindly assist me by sending me a guidelines or a code to this. Thanks.
My no +2348034698488
to_dede > iyke
Nov 22, 2009 at 08:14 PM
hi dear i also want to connect my phone 3110c to pc for internet, but i cant kindly send me pc suit. Thx
nirvesh > prince
Feb 1, 2010 at 11:43 AM
pls , help me,i want to connect the internet through my nokia E 63. I am using Window Vista on Dell laptop.
please my phone eten m600+ when i connect to my laptop doesnt work says usb not recognized what can i do to resolve this problem but i did default settings cause it wos so slow thx..
dipti it means that

your r pluging the usb cable in wrong usb port try the different usb port !!!!


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Mar 4, 2009 at 06:24 AM
You have to install the software of the phone and configure it to access to the internet via your phone.
oh that would work!

if only you told us how to do that!!!!!
how to use my cell phone callaing and much more on my pc
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Mar 5, 2009 at 03:26 AM
You can't get connexion for free via your phone, it will cost you.
nooo..dudes just connect your pocket pc to active sync and go to active sinc for your computer File>Connection Settings and make "this computer connect to" you make "The Internet" !!!!
thanks for you
hello ,

one can connect thier phone to pc for free internet browsing with thr help of a pc suite and a data cable
to connect to the internet using ur cellphone as a modem
go to the website of ur phone.

[for nokia] --> browse for ur fone model then download the Nokia PC Suite there
that software will allow u to connect to the internet via ur cellfone as a modem
[for ericcson fones] --> they also have the SEP (Sony Ericcson PC Suite). Download it.
it works like the Nokia PC Suite.
[for Samsung phones] --> Search the net for "Samsung PC Studio"

Note: Those softwares will not run on all phone models, there are specific phones compatible with
those softwares, for information just browse the sites...

hope it will help on you guys..

coz im already using it.. :D
Is phone ->over BT/USB -> PC -> Internet working? The other way

PC -> phone -> Internet is working fine for me.

you go to the story where your carrier is and ask them if they would give you internet for free when they laugh and say no well run away crying=[
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Dec 30, 2008 at 05:25 AM
if you want to be connected to the internet, you need to register your phone by contacting your network operator!
i need internet too but i did everything but it now i want to register
hi... i think you need to call your sim card operator to access your internet using phone... they will give you the settings that fit to your phone
d banker > m.b
Sep 4, 2009 at 07:31 AM
hello, am very proud of you guys. i am using itel 2600 for browsing, but i want you to mail on how i can connect my phone to my personal computer. i will b grateful if u can mail me. thanks
VISWANATHAN > d banker
Sep 4, 2009 at 12:10 PM
first you buy a cable and download the soft ware from the cite
if from an authorised dealer you may get a c d of the same along with the cable
load the cd and connect the phone with the pc with the cable
you can see the files of your mobile in the explorer
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Dec 6, 2009 at 12:47 PM
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