Can't format a 8 gb micro hcsd card

eeydah - Mar 12, 2009 at 02:05 PM
 Saeyoon - May 28, 2013 at 05:03 AM
i've tried to format using DUSK MANAGEMENT, going into MY COMPUTER and right click to format, using the HDD LOW LEVEL FORMAT TOLL even with a CAMERA, and all these found the flash card when attached to the pc but all fail to format, ( somehow the pc shows a 1350.55 gigabites memory, but its only 8 gb, and says unable to format) even tried to format as fat, fat32 and ntfs. fail to work after being removed from a device that was working on this micro card by accident. please any new idea or way to fixed it.

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I did faced the same problem...

Successfully formatted using "HDD Low Level Format Tool"
didn't work with my 32GB transcend SDHC
not working for me..
saying offset error
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Mar 12, 2009 at 05:50 PM
Hi There Try this USB flash drive formater from HP I know yours is not a USB flash drive but it is a flash drive so it should work. It's worked for others.

Hope this helps let me know how you get on
Tony B.
I used the tool HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool, and it worked for me I just format my 8 gb micro hcsd card to the NTFS system put the card in my digital cameral and it format my card and it worked in my mobile Instinct phone plug my phone up to the computer and down loaded song to my music folder on my memory card Thanks!!!!!!! :) I am so happy.
didn't work with my 32GB transcend SDHC also
when using this program it tells me "Device media write protected". any suggestions???
This is the first time I have written on a forum, sorry to jump on your thread nevermind but I am having excatly the same problem with my 16GB micro HCSD.
I use the card non stop with my Nokia N97 and I have never had any problems. I have Music, Movies and Pictures stored on there and regularly change and swap the movies and music on my phone. I also have a dongle attached to my phone so regularly remove the card and use as a flash stick, with absolutely no problems.

2 days ago I deleted a couple of videos, only they weren't fully deleted. The file size of each dropped to 0kb but they could still be seen on my card, plus I lost another video that was in the same file that I didn't want to delete. I tried to access the card but it started locking up my phone, thought it was the handset that was goosed, but as soon as the card is removed the phone is fine. The card also started locking up my computer until removed.

I deleted another file while I was able to access the card on my computer (don't ask me how, just got lucky), the deletion was successful and my card was suddenly freed up, so back in the phone it went. Deleted another picture and I was back to square on. Have been able to copy valuable files off the card to make sure I don't lose them, so I'm now ready to wipe the bloody thing and get it working again.

So far I have tried,

1. Windows, Right Click, Format, Both normal/quick format= same message as nevermind 'unable to complete format'
2. HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool= same as nevermind 'write protected'
3. Active@KillDisk, tried both Wipe=no progess made error message
Killdisk= 100% progression, error meesage right at the end.
4. Manual deletion of files now impossible error message 'file is too deep?' WTF? Its not a swimming pool, just get in there and delete it.
5. I've even had the stupid thing in the freezer (heard it can reset things, but that may be baloney)

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Its doing my head in now. I've deleted/Formatted but all my stuffs still there and accessible, all be it very very slowly with loads of error messages.

The only thing I haven't tried is formatting in digital camera, but I don't have one and doubt a camera will be able to read 16GB micro card.

Please help and good luck to Nevermind as well, it is very frustrating and they're bloody expensive little things.

PS. Sorry about the long thread.
Im more or less as you, nevermind

I have a micro SD 8gb class 2

Cant format from phone (htc Desire)
Cant format from windows
Done the low level format
Cant forrmat with HP USB tool .. it says "write protected" WTF?

im stuck guys...and getting tired..
Try sliding the small side of the card adapter so that its not on locked. I tried formatting it through my camera and it worked.
I have the same problem.Please help anyone
Same for me, Apacer 32gb SDHC is write protected and cannot format by any means.
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Nov 4, 2009 at 10:49 AM
Jon: try to format it using your phone format option or just try to format it via phone using usb cable.mine is working but still having some little problems. files disapearing without delete....think that it got bad sectors or something like zat. this problem is caused when you do frequently remove your memory card from your phone even when using REMOVE MEMORY CARD. so the best advice is to switch off your mobile before removing the memory card. good luck to everybody
phone don't read the card, so how shut ii format it, genius?:(

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I couldn't even veiw my micro sd in windows. It showed that all files were corrupt. This format tool worked first try.Thanks
Its works for mine too, Thanks so much!

For write protected san disk drives you have to unlock and remove the password in the drive that is denying user access. And then you have to use a recovery tool to recover back photos from sandisk SD card. A Tool that worked for me more effectively is..
HP-tool also worked fine for me while Windows-format was not working !!