Cannot connect to netgear WGR614 router

 dwayne -
Could anybody help? I have a netgear WGR614 wireless router and am using XP home, with Virginmedia broadband (UK). When I initially set the router up, it (eventually) worked fine. However, security was off, so I dialled into the modem and set it for WPA, as per the instructions. Now I can't connect wirelessly at all. The router keeps trying to connect, then it says 'acquiring network address', then it fails and tries again.

I understand from netgear that I should have used WEP security, as there are issues with WPA and XP. They said to connect the pc to the router, and then delete all the settings, but I have tried and cannot get anything. I can connect to the internet via the pc once I unplug the router and plug it back into my pc (then reboot everything), but am trying to go wireless. Any suggestions?

This is so frustrating - I would appreciate some help. Thanks.

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There should be a hole in the back of the router where you insert a ball point pen. This will reset the router to factory defaults. You could then you initial setup again.
thanks for your reply. I did try that, but it didnt seem to reset it. perhaps I didnt press it hard enough. will try again.
> roy.burnett
You must hold it down for about 10 seconds. The lights on the front will all reset to indicate that it worked.
> James
OK. Thanks.
> roy.burnett
hey I have a wirerless router and I dont see any programs for me to set it up when I plug t in
you need to go into the router ip address to set it up
i have the same problem but the router will not reset power light stays off port lights come on for a few seconds then go out

i had the same problem for 2 months. if you have virgin wireless manager installed unistall it and you should be able to connect. I did this yesterday and hey presto it worked
hi robert,tried what you said many times and all is still the same,tempted to throw router in the bin and try another make,thanks for your help.
i have the same problem as above same internet provided so on