Formatting the WD Mybook drives

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I posted my experience with the 2 500 gig drives I use, one is on a Dell formatted MS Dos, the other on Mac laptops formatted Mac OS journaled. Both had to have a firmware update out of the box before they could be recognized by any of my machines. The Mybook Studio on the Macs corrupted twice (lost it's headers, probably out of ignorance on m part) but the OS informed me of the problem and advised me to back up my data before reformatting the drive It made the drive read only because of the scrambled headers, I guess it wouldn't know where to put the data. And again a firmware update was required; that upgrade now resides in my download folder as I expect to need it again. It's like raising an autistic child. The firmware is available at the WD site. I bought both these drives late last year.

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First if a combo ported Interface ( having both firer wire and USb ) are you using fire wire or USB ?

Common issue if just a USB interface do to fact they are burst rate communications not steady and data becomes corrupted.

Test drive by using the partition settings not just erase try all 3 options in it's menu (Guid, Apple and Dos)

If drive passes all 3 partition tests then erase to desired format retry the firmware if It still fails suspect the interface is failing.

Best way to verify that is to remove drive from interface and install to a frame directly (prob killing any warranty you have if you do)