Cant find Windows XP Drivers for a dv6709ax

mischef - Jan 19, 2009 at 09:13 PM
 yeswedeliver - Jan 21, 2009 at 08:14 PM
i have recently downgraded to XP from vista and i am having trouble finding the drivers for the speakers and ethernet. i have tried the hp website and downloaded what was supposed t be the correct drivers but they do not work because when ever i install them i get a message saying that it can not find the device.
Can somebody please, please, please help me as i need my laptop for school and it resumes in a week!!!

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yeswedeliver Posts 3 Registration date Monday January 19, 2009 Status Member Last seen January 19, 2009 1
Jan 19, 2009 at 10:14 PM
This is an easy problem to fix, but it is involved. Open Device Manager and locate your Network Adapters. Click the plus and see if there is any ! or problems listed. Either way, right clik the device and delete/remove it from your system. For your Speakers - look for sound, video adapters - again look for ! or problems - but - [again] you can also delete/remove these ...
Close everything up and reboot. On restart these should be automatically reinstalled properly. If not, go in through add new hardware option in control panel and do it MANUALLY. Don't let it search - say I will choose - then follow the prompts and point toward the folders you unzipped the files [driver files from HP] - highlight the most obvious choice... next ... if you get a messsage that it don't meet MS Standards - click install anyway...
The first paragragh should fix it. If not and you have trouble with the second - I can be more detailed in the steps for the second. Good luck w school.
mischef Posts 1 Registration date Tuesday January 20, 2009 Status Member Last seen January 21, 2009
Jan 21, 2009 at 04:07 AM
Hello, This is mischef i had to sign up for an account. thanks for the help but i have actually already done this and i t doesn't work and there is no ! next to any sound devices as it is saying that the device is working properly but it can not open it. the ethernet controller is coming up in the other devices section and when i do go and manually install it i click on network adapters but it says that there are no drivers for network adapters.
If you can help me with this please contact me and thanks for the comment on school!!!!
Take a breath! This is fixable and you will figure it out. I am a little cloudy on exactly what I wrote, but I think I suggested deleting it/uninstalll/remove it completely and then restarting. Do this even if there is no ! - remove it. This is a laptop right? No separate pci card installed etc. Windows surely has the driver - or as you said - you downloaded one from the site. When it reboots and wants to install the new hardware - let it.
It it fails - not the error and do it again - this time - don't allow it to search - you point it to where you saved the files you downloaded - or select -I will choose - and in the next screen you will see some options - one should be the adapter.
And remember - this is simple - you will get it right. If this doesn't solve it - I'll ask you to give me the particulars of your laptop and take a fresh look.