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Tom - Jan 20, 2009 at 04:11 AM
 sun - Dec 11, 2010 at 10:03 AM
Before I got my internet connection from a wireless internet router, I had it from a modem. Myself and a mate of mine used to play a game on the internet which needed us to connect via TCP/IP, and my IP address was usually something like "" (or something similar).
Now however, myself and my mate both have wireless internet through a router, and we cannot play the game online anymore, because our IP addresses are both "" with the wireless, and the game does not recognise them. We find that we cannot turn off the wireless, because this disables the internet altogether.
Is there a way to turn restore my IP address to what it once was, and similarly for my mate, but still keep the wireless router? Please follow up with any suggestions or support. Anything is appreciated.

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Hi Tom

It is quite simple to get your router to give out your old ip address for you to be able to play the game online again, is there anywhere on the game that you can change your ip address to the new one your router is distributing when you access the internet to save reconfigurating yur router ? try that first.

If you want your router to distribute your old ip address which you said was you are going to need to access your router to change the range of ip address that the router distributes.

On a wireless router the default class c ip address is usually, there are four diffrent numbers here and these are called octets so 192.168.1 is the network you belong to (first three octets) and the final octet defines the host on that network.

So you say both you and your friend now have the new ip address of so you and your friend are in diffrent homes right and want to play eachother online.

So at the moment your router will probably have the address (which will also be your default gateway) and then as you are the first host (user) on the network you will get the address .

On your wireless router all ip address are given out by somthing called a DHCP server and you are able to manage what addresses the router uses for your network.

First of all you are going to need to find your default gateway . (will need pc or laptop that you use to access the internet via the router)

on xp press the green start button in the bottom left of your user account.

Then in that little window that opens look at the bottom right of that window you should see Run click it.

Ten in that small window type in cmd.

now a black cli screen will come up . in there type ipconfig (this will tell you your default gateway)

on vista start > all programs>accesories>command promt > ipconfig

once you have your default gateway go to your web browser and in the top tool bar type in http//then your default gateway ip address E.G. http// (this can be done via wireless or by plugging an ethernet cable from your laptop to your router there should be 4 ports in the back of the pc use one of them)

Then another window will come up which usually has 2 boxes admin and password.

If your router was preconfigured then you might need to contact your isp to get the password.
but in some cases the the admin box will be admin and the password will be password OR leave admin field blank and just type in password.

Once you have done that you will enter the setup of the router now you want to look for somthing called ROUTER IP which in your case will probably be Now to access your game you want to change that to make your game work so simply change it to and keep the subnet mask the same should be

Now just below that there (it is on my router i have a linksys) you should find somthing called DHCP server and there under that there should be somthing like starting ip address change this to to make sure that the first host that connects to the network will get the address (once you have changed your ip address ranges be sure to save your settings at the bottom of the screen click save changes tab then your router will reboot to make sure these changes take affect)

So if the only two things that are on your network are your router and your pc or gaming console the following ip address should apply

Default gateway
Gaming console

But if you have a pc/latop connected and also a gaming console then you want to make sure that whatever it is you want to play your game on connects to the network first to make sure it gets the

And your games console should work hope that helped post a message on here to let me know how you got on.

Good luck
Thankyou very much for your reply.
In the process of following the set of instructions you provided, everything is fine until the stage where I am inside my router setup page, and when i attempt to change the address with my desired IP address - which is actually sorry - and at the DHCP starting IP address bar. After tying both of the address in, with the correct subnet mask, a message comes up saying "please do ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew and enter the new IP in the browser in order to access the GUI again if LAN IP subnet will be changed."
I have tried typing this in the black cli screen, but cannot seem to come up with the end result of having the IP address changed - perhaps I am entering this wrong, or doing something out of order.
Thankyou for your help, it is very much appreciated, please could you provide help for the next step of my problem if you can, I did find the step-by-step way you responded very helpful too.
Cheers, thankyou again. Please respond if you can.
jonnie_777 > Tom
Jan 21, 2009 at 07:11 AM
when you are doing the the ipconfig /renew make sure there is a space between ipconfig and /renew.

when in the cli just do an ipconfig /renew this will automatically release your old ip address and request a new address from the dhcp pool which should be from the newly configured ranges of addresses you specified.

So after doing that whatever address you gave your router if it was type that in to your toolbar
http// if you enter the router configuration you know the new address has taken affect.

what are you using to play online xbox , wii or ps3 ? are you trying to connect wireless or through an ethernet cable to the router.

why cant you just configure your console to accept the new range of ip addresses your router is giving out i play my wii online and have just configured it to my router and it works fine. if your are trying to play your game online and the old connection is still configured on the console then it might be still looking for that connection, so cant you just delete your old connection and create a new connection by connecting to your wireless router.

If you give me a bit more information about what you are trying to connect then maybe I will be able to help you a bit more.
jonnie_777 > Tom
Jan 21, 2009 at 07:32 AM

Just tried changing my router ip address to yours works fine

changed router ip

dhcp starting address

turned off wireless adapter then turned back on , laptop now has ip address

Once you have turned off your adapter and turned it back on go back to the black CLI screen and do the command ipconfig to see if your new settings have taken affect.

another thing you might want to try is go to network center right click your internet connection.

sub window come up select properties.

another window comes up in the list look for tcp/ip or tcp/ip V4 on vista, click on that button.

then just underneath you will see three buttons INSTALL UNINSTALL and PROPERTIES

click the Properties button.

then in there make sure the button OBTAIN IP ADDRESS AUTOMATICALLY is ticked this will mke sure it is getting an address from the DHCP server on your router. And also make sure OBTAIN DNS SERVER AUTOMATICALLY is also ticked.

good luck hope this helps.
Tom > jonnie_777
Jan 21, 2009 at 07:46 AM
Thankyou very much!
That helped a lot :)
Thankyou for your time and sincerity.
Cheers Jonnie. Bless ya.
jonnie_777 > Tom
Jan 21, 2009 at 03:44 PM
No problems Tom . I hope that got your game working online .
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Jan 20, 2009 at 06:10 AM

i had the same problem as you once and the stuff that I did was to follow the link it helped me much and now I can play with no problems at all. You can check it at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/troubleshoot/windows-client/networking/tcpip-addressing-and-subnetting

i will suggest you to read this thoroughly and to follow the procedures as stated. You will not have any problems after this.

Good luck!
A batch file is a text file containing a series of commands intended to be executed by the command interpreter.

If you want a series of command to be executed because you are tired of typing every command over and over again then you should create a batch file.

When a batch file is run, the shell program (usually




) reads the file and executes its commands, normally line-by-line.

Too much words lets proceed on why you have to use a batch file in changing the ip when you can do it by just clicking using your mouse.

I have this situation where i have to connection. One is for the internet and one is for another and i only have one computer and one cable or UTP wire so i have to change everytime i want to use one of it. Heres the code on how to change the IP address so that you will just click on the batch file and tadah.... Your IP will change in just a second.

Just copy the codes below and paste it in "notepad" and in saving it put a double quote on the filename. Example: "Change IP.bat".

Because if you if you don't put a double quote in the filename then notepad will save it as "Change IP.bat.txt"

Double click the batchfile to execute.

set varip=
set varsm=
set vargw=
set vardns1=
set vardns2=
set varhome=www.google.com

ECHO Setting IP Address and Subnet Mask
netsh int ip set address name = "Local Area Connection" source = static addr = %varip% mask
= %varsm%

ECHO Setting Gateway
netsh int ip set address name = "Local Area Connection" gateway = %vargw% gwmetric = 1

ECHO Setting Primary DNS
netsh int ip set dns name = "Local Area Connection" source = static addr = %vardns1%

ECHO Setting Secondary DNS
netsh int ip add dns name = "Local Area Connection" addr = %vardns2%

ECHO Setting Internet Explorer Homepage to %varhome%
reg add "hkcusoftwaremicrosoftinternet explorermain" /v "Start Page" /d "%varhome%" /f