Windows is unable to format this drive.

Jesse - May 1, 2011 at 11:46 PM
 jesse - May 3, 2011 at 03:18 AM
I recieved that error so I tried to used dos to reformat my drive and this is what I got.

976751937 bad sectors were encountered during the format. These sectors cannot be guaranteed to have been cleaned.
Volume label (32 characters, ENTER for none)?
Creating file system structures.
The first NTFS boot sector is unwriteable.
All NTFS sectors are unwriteable. Cannot continue.
Format failed

now I have no clue what to do.

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I tried to use this tool and it tells me that the device is write protected. It started off as the G: drive and I got the warning as soon as it started. It automatically switched to F: drive and then started the process and it tried to reformat for at least 20 mins and I came home and I got the same "device is write protected" message.
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May 2, 2011 at 02:28 AM

This is a link to the HP formatting tool - it might format your drive. Most likely your drive is DEAD.

Let me know if the problem still exist!