Computer will not start ***HELP***

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I am not a computer person, but I am trying to figure out what my possibly be wrong with my computer.

When I turn the computer on it attempts to start but I get an error message that says windows did not load properly and it gives me possible reasons why. Well I have attempted to start in all the modes options, but when it brings up the windows icon and looks like it going to start it immediately goes back to the error screen with the options to start the computer.

Side note: my area recently experiences some power outages for about 6 days could this have contributed to the problem?

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Yes power outages could have damaged either the hardware or the software on the computer.

Your copy of Windows is experiencing a problem when loading. It could be a software problem caused when your loss of power at a critical time or a hardware problem caused by a power surge when the power came back. This is why you should have a GOOD surge protector to minimize the chance of damage.

Your best bet is to take it to a repair shop and have it evaluated.

Good Luck
Thanks, the problem is it was plugged into surge protector and everything else that was plugged into the protector is working properly.