Windows root system32 ntoskrnl.exe missing

Unojuno - May 27, 2011 at 12:40 PM
 CathrynBB - Jan 11, 2012 at 06:12 PM
How am i to do anything when al I can get up on screen is where it says this
file Windows root system32 ntoskrnl.exe missing or corrupt. I can't type or do anything
at that point. SO who has the answer fo this Q. How can I install or type anything when thats all I can get on my screen? Huh?? Anyone? please


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Hi, I have a Windows XP PC. After experiencing the same error code that turned my screen black and was declared "dead" by "The Geek Squad", I was concerned that I would never use my Vaio laptop again. I had no CD disks because it did not come with any. I was supposed to have made the recovery disks which is part of the installed recovery program when I bought the computer, but was so excited to get it, that I did not make the disks. I did not have anything important on it as I made it a habit long ago to buy an external hard drive to store my music and pictures and documents. So instead of buying the recovery disks and knowing I needed my computer functionality asap, and after reading info on the net here is what worked for me.
(Please note this method will wipe off every application you ever put on it like itunes, games etc. It will wipe out everything in your document folders like pictures and writings etc. But tons of applications can be reinstalled from the net for free and can be installed from any softwear you have. On the plus side, if you have contracted a nasty virus on your PC, it will eliminate that as well.

1. Turn on computer, after the Vaio ologo flashed then disappeared giving me false hope, the error notice appeared. My "system 32 was corrupted". Duh.

2. I hit the R key on my keyboard r for "repair".

3. The computer restarted, the Vaio came on again and as soon as it disappeared, I continued to tap the F8 key.

4. The "Restore drive" page appeared. I clicked on the "next" button and it continued to restore my computer to the bare bones factory settings.

5. Once rebooted, it went to the set-up tutorial to finish the process and VOila!", I have a working computer again. It stripped off the service pack 3 and some other great applications, but they can all be retrieved from and Using this method isn't perfect, but it beats thowing away a perfectly good computer in the trash!

6. P.S. my daughter has a 2004 HP laptop that suffered the black screen syndrome as well. This computer came with a "reset button" however. Here is what I did for that Windows XP. I opened the back as per instructions, took the battery out and put it back in. Then I took a paperclip and poked it in the "Reset button hole" The machine reacted and started to re-boot. I then touched the F10 key and it rebooted as normal. Every computer has a different way to be resurrected from "the dead". You just have to ask your questions on the internet and do a little research!