Problems with Windows Live messenger

Rocket - Jan 22, 2009 at 05:58 PM
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I'm a regular user of MSN Instant messenger. Recently I noticed that it would sign me out more frequently than normal and I would receive a message which said I had been signed out because I had a version of Messenger which would not allow me to login on two seperate machines. I would always just log back in and pay little attention to the annoyance of it all. More recently the signing out was occuring more frequently and one of my contacts emailed me a message they would received each time I logged into messenger.

I decided to completely uninstall the version of messenger I had on my computer and install a brand new version of Windows Live messenger. Well initially I was pleased because everything thing seemed to have uninstalled and installed fine and windows Live messenger was great, bright new screens and loads of new functions. Two days later everything has changed. I found an icon for the old version of MSN on the start menu which appears to still allow you to sign in, but actually takes you through the steps of setting up a new MSN account, even though I have this other brand new MSN already working.

Having already used the new version of Windows Live MSN and spoken with and viewed one of my contacts, the next time I was on line my contact placed a call and web viewing session to me and the system tells me my webcam is being used elsewhere and my computer does not have a sound card. HELP!!

I recently renewed my subscription for McAfee security, I've preformed a system scan which does not tell me anything is wrong. I've tested my sound and web cam in isolation and both are working fine, although some how my iTunes has meraculously disappeared and clicking on the icon tells me it does not exist. what has happend to all my music files? I seriously need some advice. Any of you Techy guys out there if you have an hour or so to waste please give me advice with this.

I think I've covered it all. Other than those things, on the face of it my machine appears to be fine, but is all is not well.



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I've tried the whole editing the site advisor bit, but it won't let me save it, it either says that I need permission from the the file path and name are wrong ! has anyone esle had this problem? x
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Jan 22, 2009 at 09:55 PM
While my eyes are closing rapidly... my first thought is


After that...

Turn OFF system recovery, boot to safe mode, uninstall the software if you can from safe mode, run a spybot checker and your antivirus scan and scan ALL FILES, because from the sounds of it, you have spyware somewhere on your system and also that your PASSWORDS (note the S) have been compromised.

Do this if you can, then once you have and get back to the normal desktop, try reinstalling the software...

If ANYONE has been to any of the following sites on your computer, you more than likely have spyware and/or a virus

Porn sites,
crack sites
hacker sites
shareware sites generally located outside the US (not to my knowledge or )
any site where you try to circumvent the normal legal process for purchasing/downloading/registering software

If all else fails, you can try creating a new user account and give it admin rights and work from that one...

Keep me informed to what you find and maybe i can come up with some more ideas

The Problem with windows Messenger is not with your Anti Virus or McCaffe or Norton, it is a malware bot that attatches itself to the MSIN.EXE file that runs Email and Messenger, Your Anti Virus and Firewall programs allow it to run as you have Messenger allowed privillages to run in your Firewall program, This Virus on Msn Messenger, actually overwites the Messenger lib files and gives the illusion that messenger works fine, which it does, but the original file that came with MSN Messenger has been deleted and replaced with this Virus One.


This will illiminate The problem

Or if you Wish to be sure and go further...

Uninstall The Version You have of MSN
Then after MSN and search Messenger on your computer, this bugger of a file will leave remnances in folders and pieces left over after find anything to do with MSN and MESSENGER and delete the lot off your computer, delete the messenger cache Then once done, turn off SYSTEM RECOVERY...and Reboot

Then Turn On System recovery and Install a new MSN Messenger. then TAKE NOTE!! GO TOO LIVE MAIL WEB PAGE and change your password there, DO NOT USE MSN MESSENGER PROGRAM TO DO THIS,

Then when complete, open your new MSN Program, Dont Tick (AUTO SIGN ON) enter your password manually for about 10 times when you log in.....THIs Stops it all.

Microsoft are aware of this malicious Spam Bot attaching itself to promote porn sire advertising and have created a Clean tool and malware remover specifically designed to hunt down and remove known component names this Virus uses, it is called "Clean Virus MSN"
Im not sure how my messanger took a dump...i got that notice you have problems with your messanger microsoft will notify you when the problem is if im going to wait....what i did was delete windows liv soe and all its folders then i went into the register and deleted all window live as its own folder and also under microsoft...Soon as i did that i installed live again and now it works great....By the way system restore wont fix that notice
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Thank you Watsy, much appreciated!
Please help me finde a very important conversation on windows live messenger we wright for each other.
Thank you Maria

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At least in my case the problem was McCafee. It deleted MsnMsgr.exe cookies. Problem stopped after I added MsnMsgr.exe to Unwanted Programs Exlusions list.

I figured this out from the OnAccessScanLog file:
Deleted C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Messenger\MsnMsgr.Exe C:\Documents and Settings\username\Cookies\jarnori@atdmt[1].txt\ Cookie-Atdmt (Potentially Unwanted Program) to Unwanted
hey i just happen be looking through and found your cry for help. I think i know what's going it seems that somebody has been able to get acces to your account the reason you can find anything on your computer is because he might be using another computer to log in to your account. i suggest to change your password and make it a strong password. hope this helps
mcafee is your problem.. i had the same problems wth my version 8 so i upgraded to 9. when i tried to start webcame it said i couldnt because webcam was being used by another program. i know it wasnt ... just go under your..program... mcafee .. click site advisor, then left click on saset (the icon that has the notebook on it) to open in note pad... scroll till you see the heading for msn messenger.. ((should look like this [msnmsgr.exe]
)) make sure your Enabled=0... click file, save. reboot for effects to take place...

now i havent figured out how to make my microphone work... it shows the icons as grayed out and keeps ringing even after my contact has answered the call.... and the same goes for him when he calles me....anyone have suggestions???
I have the same exact problem. I tried doing the Mc Afee site advisor thing, but it tells me it cannot save the changes.
What else can I do?
Plus, I tried going back to the old msn messenger version, but it keeps on popping up the new version telling me I have to install that or else cannot sign in!!
I have tried using msn messenger 9.0 (new version) on another pc and the webcam runs prefectly... help!!!
Well, I had the same problem a few weeks ago and it went away by itself... Leaving my computer on overnight, for at least a couple of days with windows live messenger signed in did not sign me out for a few weeks now.
After reading these posts.. im quite confused. So what could it be? Please answer if you know because I don't want to get hacked.
But otherwise, I guess just wait and see or make backup for your files if you are scared of losing or exposing your privacy. =)
I had Windows Live Messenger quit working at my company a few weeks ago (would not let me log in).
Microsoft had made a change on their servers that made it get blocked by our corporate firewall appliance.
Our corporate IT security people refused to change our firewall, and said I should wait for Microsoft to fix the problem on their end.
Sure enough, MSN Messenger started working fine again this week. No viruses were involved. Could this be your problem?
I have chagned my password 9change link, answered email, changed password) succuess..., which it ACCEPTED

Then I go to log in.. and it just doesnt work..

i have tried this 4 different ways with 3 passwords.. i have tried logging in to the site and msn messenger.. nothing..

ALL WORKS FINE WITH MY FRIEND's account.. on same computer.

what can be wrong?

francesca merriman
Sep 2, 2009 at 02:45 PM
when i click on my msn it wont come on straight away when i click on it but i dont know why

to get rid of the sign delete the short cut

im having the same problem but i know how to fix it on my pc

this is how go to msn

click on where u set cam up [on msn]

set it up there

that should work
myspace is better