I can't add songs to my ipod [Closed]

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hey, so recently I got a new computer and when I tired plugging my ipod in it wont let me add songs to it! I already authorized the computer but it still wont let me transfer the new songs I have in my new itunes to my ipod. Also I have it already set on "manually manage" itunes. can anyone help me? Thanks for helping!

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When you plug your Ipod in deoes it show the ipod or does it also show the playlists? If it only shows the ipod then you have already synched it up to 5 computers which is the max. If it does show the playlists then it might be something you have on your ipod. Hope it helps
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yeah like it shows the playlists and everything and ive recently re downloaded itunes and it still doesnt work :(
thanks though