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 Fawaz -
I have a HP Pavillion dv9000 laptop.
Suddenly I can't use the number keyboard at the same time as the normal keyboard.
If I have NUMLOCK ON the number keyboard works but certain keys on the main keyboard produce either a number or komma or something. The only keys that seem to be affected are : u, i,p,j,k,l,Ã¥ (norwegian alpahabet).
EG if I type 'j' I get '1',
'u' give "4", 'i' gives '5'
I hope someone can help.

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I have a compaq and when my keyboard gets locked I use the CTRL + ALT (at same time left hand) with the right hand hit F11 key. Works for me:)
Thank you

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Just Press fn+num lck...Your Problem will be solved
THaaaaaaaaaanks a lot it was really annoying
this can be a virus too buit not sure scan for viruses with updated antivirus.....