More than one player online on same ps3?

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Hello, Does anyone know if 2 players can play online from the same PS3? My fiance and my son and I are always fighting over who's turn it is to play and would be really cool if we could at the same time.

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You can finally play with 2 people on the same console on the multiplayer online
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So the original question was HOW DO I PLAY WITH TWO PLAYERS ON THE SAME SYSTEM ONLINE?! not if it can be done.......... question: "how do I eat with both a spoon and a fork" reply: "you can do that" ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
how do u do it
I want to know what lame headed idiot decided to make multiplayer games that my wife and I can not play together on.
Unless we own 2 ps3's we can not play 2 players? That is the MOST idiotic thing anyone has come up with in the gaming industry. In fact, it makes me feel like they are screwing me over on purpose!
I'm talking about the online multiplayer games. We should still be able to play 2 player with the same console.
Case in point: Racing games like need for speed. Whoever made these games multiplayer only with two consoles should be tarred and feathered.
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So how do u play two player on yhe same counsule online but ther is two people on one pa3 and there is others to
yes, you can. resistance 2 features competitive and co-op online with split-screen.
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there are so many games that can be play multiplayer like killzone 2 and haze.

But, not all the games can be played multiplayer!
wat about call of duty world at war
what about fifa 10
Fifa 10 is the best game to play with your friends.
The main question was about playing split screen online on a PS3. So F XBox. (although some games are better on xbox than the ps3, the main question now is regarding PS3. COD Modernwarfare 2 has no way to play splitscreen online, there is a petition that has been formulated online (you can google it) to the makers, asking them to make it avail for the consumers to do so. ... Sign it! (or tell me if there is a way to do it! FOR THIS GAME AND CONSOLE!!)

so are there any other games that you can play online 2 player with like resistance 2??
Resistance 2 has 2 person online play on same console... a person can even make another profile on that ps3 and log in as that person... so you dont have to play as Person and Person(1). Also haze has this but you have to be person and person(1). I heard warhawk has this and I know motorstorm pacific rift has multiplayer on same console.... test those out... other than that halo3 on xbox360 still remains the best online multiplayer for friends and family on the same console...
what about smackdown vs. raw 2010
I play LBP with my wife and I am trying to make it so we can play online together and both have a mic to talk to other players, can the PS3 have two bluetooth headsets at the same time? or what about a usb headset??
yes you can have 2 headsets. Just be sure they are both connected to the PS3. Sign in under each user name (you must have 2 different users on the PS3; one for you and one for your wife) and assign each one to a headset. I believe they are under the accessories settings option. It'll work that way. My husband and I have used two headsets with Resistance 2 at the end of last year.

could someone tell me how to play mw2 2 player online my friend said you could do it cause his friend did it I saw him playing 2 players online but idk how to make 2 player get in the game with 1 player tell me on facebook mitchell butler or aol mbutlermitchell please try ur best to find the answer I really wanna play 2 players online
warhawk is absolutely awesome for this. You can have 4 players online split screen vs other players. Got one system? One game? 4 controllers? 3 friends? play on the same TV with the same system with maps upto 32 players. Highly recommend.

A little about the game, multiplayer only! no story mode. You can have 4 players on one system for multiplayer or play online (with upto 4) with lots of other players. Ground unit just as good as flying unit. Can fly like jet, or hover mode with just a touch of a button. The flying is hard to get used to but with practice not to bad.
Ignore all those who say no, because you can, but only on certain games. Ones I know of are Warhawk, Resistance 2 and LBP - all of which you can both play online on one ps3 with and against other people online. Doesn't tell you on the back of the game like someone else said, just have to search it first to find out.
There are some really stupid people here. Some games have offline multiplayer, some don't. You can play four-player versus or two-player co-op on Halo 3 on one console, but if you want to play four-player co-op you need a second console and game. That's just the way it is now. Some of it is hardware capabilities, some of it is flat-out greed, but it's not an either/or situation when it comes to PS3 or 360. It depends on the game, not the console. So please don't be an idiot like lane (violent overreaction without all the facts) or MJ23 (Xbox fanboy who would probably have sex with his console if he could).
i witnessed a glitch on battlefront 2 where me and my friend signed online on the ps2 splitscreen..only happened once those but it was pretty awesome while we didnt realize that it wasnt possible but how it happened is I just was pressing for split screen and some how I was on the sign online screen iono was rly paying attention but me and my friend fought each other online against others players and the names above the heads was all there lol
This is the only thing that would make it ok for us not to be able to play split screen online -- The ability to play split screen offline.
no one is yelling
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try little big planet is great for playing online multiplayer
i luv dat qame
Not only Resistance 2 and Warhawk, but LBP and NHL09 and 10.
it is possible depending on the game. army of two is an example.
Yes it is possible but with only a few games. Warhawk is the most notable one.

little big planet has online for up to four players.
When selecting the team, the second (other) player(s) needs to click the triangle. This adds a guest and plays with you on the same team.

Enjoy : )
go to the multiplayer menus if it says split screen in the online area then you can do it if not then you are s.o.l some games you can play against each other. Most games say on the back of the cases what you can and can not do just read no need for yelling
Choose head to head game then when apponnt appears and you choose teams press triangle on youre second pad and youll both pay on the same team against the apponent
yes u can do it on resistance 2 haze army of 2 and I think thats it