Belkin Wireless not working with PS3 or Will

 mel22 -
2 days ago my lap top, will and PS3 was working just fine with my wireless. Then the PS3 and will stopped working. My lap top is working fine. The PS3 is saying its 100% connected but keeps throwing errors when we try to sign online. Does anyone know what could be wrong? Please help we are going nuts trying to figure and nothing we are doing is working. I've called my internet provider, and the wireless company. Any help would be great. Thanks

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try to remove the belkin and then connect it with a cable. see if the problem remains.
if the ps3 works fine, then you may conclude that it is a problem with the Belkin wireless router.
you may reset it.
The router work perfectly because other computer still working. The problem arise since I replaced the broken Belkin wireless adapter with a new one.

clone(copy) the MACaddress of the pc to the "new" router on the routers setting page.. can type in the address bar then enter lets you set router setting ..some isp's ask to copy the pc mac address to the router rather than the default router address to connect..