My Dell Laptop freezes upon Start Up [Closed]

 JennabGreat -
My Dell laptop freezes upon Start up and the only way I can turn it off is to pull the power plug. My battery has been completely dead for some time now, and I haven't gotten around to getting a new one. Would this problem be from the dead battery? I have virus protection and it's been doing scans and everything is fine in that department.
Thanks for your much needed help!

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Your problem is almost certainly thermal in origin. Either the CPU is overheating or the power supply or the graphics card.

The first thing I would check would be the CPU temperature and then the power supply.

Good Luck!
I know this might sound dumb to you, but can you tell me where/how to check the temperature/graphics card? And Thanks for your help!
I've also noticed that my laptop does get really hot really quick.
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i think you need to change the battery.....also try the following things this time when you turn on your laptop....

* Boot into Safe Mode then: Start > Run > enter "msconfig" (w/o quotes) OK or Enter. Click the "Startup" tab then "Disable All"
Reboot -- if all works fine then you can begin the process of elimination until you discover which program is the culprit.

* If it isn't a program then it could be a system file problem. With the XP CD in your CD-ROM, boot to Safe Mode: Start > Run > type "sfc /scannow" (w/o quotes). Windows will check for / replace corrupt / overwritten system files.

Yes, I'm going to order a new battery in a few days ... so that will be taken care of.
I tried your first suggestion and it worked better for about 20 minutes, and then it got hot and froze again. I am now trying your second suggestion. Thank you for your help so far.