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i have a 4gb kingston pendrive,from lost two months it's not working, whenever i kept pendrive to system it shows "removable disk" and also it's not formatting and opening, when i open pendrive it asks format the pendrive first while trying to format it's not formatting,
in the properties also it shows
used space:0 bytes
free space :0 bytes
plz give me solution

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alright, weather your using xp/vista/7 you can format a flash drive with command prompt, under the start menu type cmd (xp, click start then click run then type cmd), once the cmd is open type format then the driver letter your flash drive has.
(EXAMPLE: format C:/ or format G:/ Whatever letter your drive was assigned.)
it may also ask you what file system you want to format your drive to, if so type fat32.
Thank you

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