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I am Mohammad Imteyaz

I have a Dell Laptop and i had more than 2 Operating System in it but that time 4 healthy partition created in this laptop but i don't know whats wrong here is now only 1 healthy(dynamic) partition have rest,
but i created a partition more than 2 but this partition is extended partition and i can't install a OS in it....
extended partition creation steps:- R.Click on Computer Icon==> Manage===> Disk Management====>R.Click on Rest of space or any drive====>Shrink Volume or Extend volume.
But i can't install OS like this type of partition.
but i want to install more that 2 OS in my laptop.
I have checked By Using Utility Software but problem is still here.

How can i troubleshoot these problem.
Please help me........

Thanks & Regards

Mohammad Imteyaz

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In order to have more that one operation system in your pc you can either:

1. partition your hard drive
2. try to install software's like virtual PC or virtual box, and install your new OS using one of these software's, therefore there's no need for partitioning the hard drive....unless you are willing to...
Movinesh Kumar

try this

Back up your datas !!!

go to disk management

Right click on your primary partition-shrink it to make sure that all partitions created by extending it has been shrinked to it

Now use a third party disk partition softwares to partition them again and try installing OS

back up your datas before trying this

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