Computer crashed, now no boot no post

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my computer crashed the other day i went to turn back on and it will not start up. no video whatsoever. doesnt appear to even make it to post, fans, hdd, disk drives all appear to be working proper.
i re-seated everything from ram to graphics card and checked all wires and visually inspected mobo.

i have:
mobo - evga x58 classefied 3
processor - core i7-970
graphics - gtx 580
psu - corsair 850w
ram - 12gb mushkin radioactiv

built system about 5 months ago been running fine
the only thing that i can think is the psu, is 850 enough for my hardware? hopefully not a bad mobo.

any insight and/or suggestions is (beyond) greatly appreciated


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Nov 2, 2011 at 01:02 AM

ill suggest you to remove heat sink and add new thermal paste layer and change the power supply unit this may fix issue as i came across same issue 5 months ago.

Good luck