PS3 won't display through HDMI

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 alison14 - Nov 7, 2011 at 08:29 PM
I recently got Resistance 3 and installed the update for the game. After the update installed, the screen went blank but the sound was working so I figured the video display got reset. I restarted and booted up with safe mode (holding the power button down for one beep and then a double beep).

Safe mode boots up with some options, like restart system, restore default settings, etc. I tried restart and restore default settings, but each time when I reboot, there is no image displayed on the screen. The only way I can get an image to show up is when I boot with safe mode, but there are no options to switch the display to HDMI mode from there.

I can't use the AV component cables because I'm using a monitor which has no AV component ports.

How can I get it to display through HDMI?

If someone could coach me through the button press codes in order to change the settings blind, that would work too. Thanks!

**NEVERMIND** I think my PS3 is giving me the black screen of death, not just in the wrong display settings. I'm super sad, but this question no longer applies.


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Nov 7, 2011 at 07:14 PM
i had some thing smiler happen to me with my ps3 i down loaded the tracks for gt5 on to my playstations hard drive to make net play run smother and it crash my playstation i had to copy some data on to a merroy stick to get it working again hope this helps
I used a friend's TV and the display worked through the AV component cables. From there, I was able to copy my save data onto a USB drive, and then reformatted the hard drive. When I started back up connected to HDMI, it displayed correctly and everything is running just fine.