Toshiba Satellite pro P750 series laptop..

Nirmal - Nov 26, 2011 at 03:18 AM
 RidgeyDidge - Oct 7, 2012 at 06:11 PM
My Toshiba satellite pro P750 series laptop dosent start, when i power it on it reads toshiba scren & then gets switched off, this process of switching ON & OFF goes on continously, also it doesnt gets switched on in baterry mode, i tried evrything, removing the power cord then again connecting it, but it didnt helped me, even i tried to format it, but it dosent reads the disc also, but im sure th erequired power is coming to it, but gets switched off, i tried it with my other toshiba laptop adapter also, which is of same voltage output, but still it didnt worked, please provide me a solution for this..

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Nov 26, 2011 at 07:40 AM
Hello Nirmal, Im Darshana from Sri lanka. This repeating bootup could cause by a thermal issue, known as a Hardware failure. My advice is to check the cooler fan first for its functionality. Secondly change the Memory module (RAM). If the problem remains, pls get back to me with all the troubleshooting done by u earlier. But keep in mind, this is a serious hardware issue, and which should not be experimented.It is for your own good. Try my troubleshooting once with a good clear mind. Then do the paper work for future reference. Else this will make u spend thousands at last till u replace the motherboard.
hi, Yes i checked the cooler fan, its running when the screen reads Toshiba, as soon as the laptop gets shut down the cooler fan also stops working, even i tried changing the ram, but its of no use, the ram provided in this laptop is 6GB. is there any other solution??
I have the same issue. I have no-idea how to fix it :( I am 12 so it's quite hard to mess about with motherboard etc.
I had the same problem with my p750 toshiba laptop then took it to a repair service where the technician pulled it apart to find nothing wrong putting it back together he held the power button down and it had a catastrophic failure and blew up it sent a two inch spark out the front card reader. He said as it was only six weeks old no trouble send it back to toshiba who refused to fix it and said it was liquid damage which was a complete fabrication or lie. The motherboards are faulty.