Some of the keys on my toshiba laptop keyboard is not working... [Closed]

 chris -

hi I have a problem with the keyboard on my laptop, my laptop is Toshiba satellite P855,
well anyways some of the key on my keyboard is not working but if I use a USB keyboard its working fine all of the keys are working. but if I use the keyboard on my laptop some of the letters are not working at all..
the keys that are not working on my laptop keyboard are A,B,N,\,7,left Shift,both Enter. I'm using my USB keyboard right now, I already tried some solution on the internet like doing the system restore, reinstall the driver, clean the keyboard but the same keys that's not working is still not working at all.
please I'll be very glad for any kind of help from you guys.. I'll be waiting for your reply.. thanks..

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I replaced the keyboard on my laptop. At first some keys did not work but after going back and putting the keyboard properly all keys worked.
Thank you

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the same keys are not working for me too . I also tried the solutions suggested but the problem is still there ....please help
Same here, today July 2, that cannot be a personal technical problem with so many different people having the same issue, come on Toshiba solve it.
This as well just happened to me today!
Same here! It must be a secret message: up and right arrows, both enter keys, a, b, n, shift, 7, 0 and * don't work even after cleaning and reconnecting keyboard. Has anybody got any new clues?
Same here, I learned to hold shift but it would only work for a few seconds.. ive done everything they told me to do, from installing new bios and such. I will never buy another toshiba product this is happening to too many people to be my problem. on top of that, I need this for work ugh
for me its 2 different keys z and ? ..used my touchscreen to type these but I want to use regular keyboard ...only 1 year old at most!!!
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This looks like a mechanical defect in the keyboard. I suggest you have the keyboard replaced.

Good luck

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