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Hello, I bought my father inlaw a Acer Aspire laptop from a guy I don't know, it works fine but the problem is that it came with windows vista on it and it now has Win XP how can I get Win. Vista back on it, or can I. I don't have the restore disks he did not have them and do to it having win xp I can't make a set. How can I get vista back on it. please help thanks.

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Does it have a recovery partition?

the best thing to do is to ring the Acer and ask them for a recovery CD. it will cost you a price but this is the way you're going to have to go. Atleast this way you'll install Vista along with all the drivers you're going to need.

other option would be to take it to a local computer shop and ask if they can reinstall it for you.

additional option: get a vista DVD and install it yourself.

note: you will need the product key (normally on the bottom of the laptop)

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