Laptop not opening programmes or typing .. !

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Just wondering if someone can help me with my problem .. Its my laptop (HP G5000)
I have just bought a new battery for it after sitting on top of my wardrobe for a few months surprisingly everything is running smoothly apart from the fact that when I double click on a shortcut on my window it opens the program properties rather than the program itself and it also won't let me type anything at all only on the rare occasion it'll let me type before packing up again, at first I thought it may be a virus so I ran my AVG which came up with five viruses including two trojan horses witch have now been removed and healed, I also ran a AVG cleanup which never solved the problem either.

Appreciate if someone has a easy solution for me


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Go to Control Panel.
Double-click the Mouse icon.
Select the Buttons tab.
Click the Switch primary and secondary buttons checkbox.
Click Apply
Click OK.

Now see if you can Launch your icons properly


Run a full scan,remove infections and see if that solves the issue

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