My laptop screen wont come on

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my laptop screen wont come back on this happened after i formated it two days ago an i cant figer out what the problum is.

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1) Format a USB memory key with the FAT mode.
2) Download the latest version of the BIOS from Acer support website:
* HERE if you have a Aspire One A150
* HERE for the Aspire One A110
3) Extract the files from the zip and put both the FLASHIT.EXE and the BIOS file in the root directory of the memory key.
4) Rename the BIOS file to ZG5IA32.FD and then remove the disk.
5) Turn the AA1 off, insert the battery and connect the AC adapter.
6) Insert the USB Memory Key into one of the USB port of the Aspire One.
7) Press Fn+Esc, keep it pressed and press the power button to turn the AA1 on.
8) Release Fn+Esc after a few seconds, the power button will be blinking.
9) Press the power button once. The AA1 will start the BIOS flash, do not interrupt for any reason. After some minutes the power button will stop blinking, and then the AA1 will reboot. Wait till the AA1 has completed all this operations.

Tips: Trust me it works...
copy the latest BIOS file...mine works with ver 3114...and...i put my flash disk om the left side USB. first i use the right side but did not
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Jul 7, 2009 at 07:58 AM
Thanks Just did; your guideline are even better than those on ACER website. They skipped some major pieces on the process like formatting..... and info on Flashit.exe.
Yes you have to press the power button again Step 9 something that the ACER does not include in its expose`
Acer please fix this problem. It is such a disappointment to have a new netbook and having to go through the painful experience of thinking that you made the wrong choice!
I had the same problem with my A150
Acer support forgot to mention that you have to press the power button another time.
Worked great
Cheers man thought I was gonna have to spend a fortune gettin it fixed !!!Thanks again works fine now.
Thanks for this post. It worked for me too. My neice has an Acer 1 and I managed to restore it from a black screen and power not turning off to its former glory. Many, many Thanks.
Gr8 solution.. it worked like magic ..... first i thought .. its a joke .... someone played.. but when it worked ... phew ....... thanks for posting the saved a lot of time ..else i wld have given it to acer service station .. and then tiring follow ups....... thanks again..
one works only with acer aspire one A150
when the screen went blank, but the power LED On and the fan On....But Totally Blank
The instruction on how to flash and update the BIO's were excellent. As mentioned these were even better than what is on the Acer web site.

Thank for the help it was very much appreciated.

Best regards Chris
This is great! Thanks a lot for the help! Wooowww you save lots of my time. Cheers!

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You reformatted your hardrive and your video driver didnt survive, you have to use the driver disc you got with your laptop, which begs the question how you can install it without seeing it, does anything happen on the screen? even the boot menu options? Unless you dropped it thats the only thing i can think of. If its a dell call customer support they are usually very good.
its an acer mini also the booth light isnt blankin

Were you able to find out what happen to the laptop? I am having the same problem with my Acer laptop. I purchased it three years ago. Couple of days ago it was working good then the next day cannot see the screen at all. I tried to reboot it from the cd and nothing came on and I even plugged it in to my desktop monitor but no LCD screen error problems came up. I am assuming it might be the motherboard. The hard drive is going and I hear the fan going. What else would cause this? It was never dropped before this occurred.
That worked perfectly, thanks for posting the step by step.