Shut down automatically in my PC

 jeet -
I have my PC with Configuration
Processor : p4
Motherboard : Intel
Ram 2 GB

Whenever i Switch On or Power ON my Computer, It boots and Displays Intel Pentium 4 (as usual) and after 2/3 minutes it automatically shut down and again when i starts or Power on my PC, it starts and shut down automatically after 2/3 minutes.

Please tell me what may be the problem and how to rectify it



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do hard reset
set default bios setup
try to restore your computer
or try to do repair computer by going in windows advance option menu
if this all does nt work or ur sytem is nt able to go to this option
than open the box and reseat the atx cable
tougle the power button on back
reseat the hdd
if there is no progress
ran the hdd test
if test passed
try to do recovery
this can fix ur issue

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