My ps3 plays movies but will not load ps3 gam

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Friday February 3, 2012
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February 3, 2012
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Can someone pleae help me. My ps3 will play dvd,s but not ps3 games. When I put the game in it spins but in a few seconds it makes a sound like it is trying to eject the game. Please help and thanks for reading. I have tried the safe mode options but it still will not work.

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first off what CHEC do you have? the newer ones have two laser eyes in them. I believe your game eye has gone south ( burned out ). This is the KES,KEM 410A
( ),this should fix it or send it in to be fixed. $150 refurbish by sony or fix it your self for around $24. you can find how to's on YOUTUBE. but like i said find your CHEC and post it here their is two differnt eyes for theses system! good luck and have fun.. BUGMAN7410
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