Pc power up,fans on,black screen,no beeps

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HI All,

Recently i have encountered a strange issue, i have ideas on how to approach but would like hear more suggestions here, as i may be on the wrong path so TIA.

I am working on my brothers pc which is about 22 1/2 years old it started running into some issues of late, where it would just lose boot possible hdd issue or controller problem, at times when it did go ok, then it would freeze / lock up - possible temperature issue, there has been several PC Techs have a look at this one but to no avail apart from the usual " i would just change the MB" " i think the HDD is faulty etc" anyway he put up with it htat way for way to long unitl recently i said i would take a look at it, i suspected there was an issue with overheating when i examined the CPU closely as it seemed to have a one binding post unlock so perfect contact was not being made which in turn seemed to effect the thermal grease a little as it seemed drier than normal, i applied some new thermal grease and fixed the post issue and rebooted the machine, it booted ok but would only last sometimes several hours at best before "hang time" again, hang time would occur doing anything even gaming.

phase 2 - hang with me lol :)

I needed to upgrade my machine which i do once a year, i had some pretty decent gear so i upgraded his video card and ram and purchased a new HDD and power supply, also i gave him my MSI Dual boot MB. computer worked fine for quite a while, then after several months similar issues started again "freezing" then finally lose of boot capability.

this had me stumped...it had been about 1 year in total since i upgraded his pc with my gear, but these issues have been there for several months, so today i thought i would start the process of elimination as he needed an upgrade anyway, as his CPU was an I7 i did not want to change it unless i had to, also the MB and ram too.

i purchased a new tower, 60 GIG SSD, 1 TB Barracuda.

I took the MB, ram CPU etc out of his case and installed into new case, put SSD and 1 TB checked everything was in tact and booted the machine-- fans come on MB llight comes on, my MSI board has a power / reset hard switch built into the board, these were all lit up also, but no post beeps, and just black screen only, from there i worked backwards, taking ram out, unplugging HDD'S, still nothing, then unplugged everything except video card. ALL fans and lights work out power on and power off switch ok but no beeps and no display just black screen.

what would you next guys ? i was thinking of getting a read out on the PS ? any ideas would be most helpful.


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first disconnect the additionally installed PCI
devices ..and check
if fails
flash the motherboard BIOS using ROM