Cant log in facebook?? [Solved/Closed]

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February 6, 2009
 daniel2019 -
since last week i have not been able to go to the facebook keeps on loading on and on so can anyone help me please???:-)

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Monday July 13, 2009
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July 14, 2009

Have same problem, but on PC, have tried all of above, nothing works, but found if you put an "s" after the "http", (making it it will work, but everytime you want to access any application you have to go back up and put the "s" after the "http" again. Any clues on fixing this?
Thank you

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I can't believe it, this acctually worked!!! I recomend this peeps
> got the answer but dont know how to fix it
Can't log onto facebook. Just changed to Windows 7, and I have Norton 360 and Internet Explorer 8 on my system.
I put my details in the facebook logon page and it just jumps back to the logon page without going into facebook.
If I change my password it lets me briefly go into Facebook and then just throws me back out again by saying I am not logged in. I have tried everything to no avail. I have been on Facebook Help without any joy.
Can anyone help me??? Many Thanks
thanks mate.. adding 's' works.. it's a li'l irritating at times to do that in every page.. but guess i'll have to.. till i find a permanent fix
still wont work for me...

still not working ..what should i do me out

Did this problem ever get resolved? I have not been able to login since last week, and am not getting much help from facebook. I can get onto any other site I try... just having problems with facebook.
Hey guys can you help me log in to facebook?
From Jenni
my password is not working plz help
hey frndx can u help meh i cant login in fb they are sayin dat intrnt cannot display de page can u guys tell meh dat whts de rzn? plzzzzzzzzz help
well what i had to do was press F11 sticky key when i turned on my laptop, u would have to do it almost immediatly when it turns on and then it guides you through the whole reboot thing, you will lose a lot of add ons and info but ul get fb back, its thee only thing that solved my problem

my password can't access please and please help me!!!!!
I hope this helps some of you guys. The way I got round it was to set up a new user on my PC. I then logged onto facebook and all was back to normal. Hope this works for you guys. Happy Surfing and feel free to drop me a line if this helps. Im John Pickles of leeds on facebook

I work in a company and we use Bluecoat so i can't access facebook, i used to login on this link but now nothing is working after they realized that everyone is using it, they changed something on the Bluecoat and proxy and now it's not working anymore even vtunnel and beatfiltering.
Any clue if there's an alternative way?

> Theo
go to
how do you do a new user
I wen't an easier route and typed in the address bar (which doesnt exist) but this took me to a different login page which ended up working for me. Hope this helps!!
thx alot mate that worked
i tried that but it didn't work for me. it's been down for over a week now. arghhhhh
Same. Didn't Work For Me Either

I haven't been able to log on for long or get to my profile page on FB all is getting worse as the day progresses...June 2, 2009 - 5 pm or so.
I found that if you are using the Adblock extension, and subscribe to an ad list (basically a list of known ads online), it blocks a special site ( that Facebook uses to login.

Go to (the page you are having trouble logging in), click on the Adblock Stop Sign on top of Firefox, and you will see in red a url that includes Right click on that, and add an exception for the entire domain. Reload the page. This should fix the problem.
That could fix the problem but I can't see the stop sign??? Could it be hidden?
This is what I did and I am still waiting to hear from Facebook. I have not had FB for 2 days now~ Very Frustating to say the least. It freezes when I log in and kicks me out of the internet completely. Only happens with Facebook Page. I Googled "Contact Facebook" Then went to the right and clicked on "REPORT" Write in search bar "Cannot Log In" A form will pop up and report it. You will get an automated email and just wait till problem is fixed. Everyone always posts what the problem is in all forums but noone ever writes what they are doing about it. It is very frustrating so I thought I post what I am doing about it! Good Luck to us all~ If it's not fixed in 1 week I am deleting my account and going back to Myspace. I do not have the patience for this! This is a promise!!!lol..

Have a great weekend~

none of that worked for me, but for the Bluecoat person, try logging in to teh mobile site, you cant chat and do as much, but its better than nothing. or the app on ur ipod or iphone.

also just try logging in to and then once ur logged in go to the bottom of the page and click full site, itlll redirect you, log in again, and it works!! :D

hope that helps!! :)
install facebook craker or facebook password stealer etc....
i have the same problem
i can't enter my gmail too
Hi All

I had the same problem, I had Opera Uninstalled, reinstalled and even downgraded Opera version but this could not fix the problem

Delete all opera Folders .... stored in os partition usually (local disk C) documents and settings, (Your account name), application data, local settings, in XP

For Win7 os partition > users > your account name > appdata > ((local > opera )( & roaming > opera))

should also work in windows vista

Facebook is back to normal for me


Windows 7, Opera Version

does oprea have anybthing to do with it
i had the same prob, and it have been solved since i deleted all my cookies..
I'm having the same issue. After I type in my email address and password it just doesn't do anything....just keeps the little hourglass and nothing happens. Anyone having any luck???? I'd like to know what you did!
OMG this is happening to me all day today! Its so frustrating??!! I dont know why....has yours been fixed?
is this christie peterson from florida?
i cant open my account into facebook because my password in login not working plz help
i wait an answer
I also get this problem of not being able to log into facebook with internet explorer. Firefox does not have a problem though. So solution=download Mozilla Firefox for your facebook browsing
I am having the problem with firefox. I reset my password and that worked; not sure if it's a permanent fix, but it got me logged in on a friend's PC.

Going to clear out my cookies and see what happens.
this happen to me to fix it all you have to do is go to internet options and delete the cookies and if your security or cookies is on low change it to mediuem high.
yeah joes solution of deleting your private data works (Y) thanks
I always have problem to log in facebook. Every time Ilog in it show "page can't fine, please try again later".
i'm having the same problem today. July 7, 2009, can log in to other sites except facebook. i tried opening facebook in mozilla firefox and opera and still not able to log in. i dont even see the log in page. sheez what's happening? anyone here able to fix this problem? i restarted my pc, disk clean up, cleared private, everything to no avail! this is so messed up!

I can't log onto facebook because of cookies. I have been told to disable them/it but facebook tells me that I must ENABLE cookies.bottom line, it has something to do with cookies, I just don't know how to fix it!!! Do you?
yes =( i can't login to facebook for a whole day,it's not only today,but since last month,i only can login once a day & after that,i can't login anymore. it shows this --> Service Unavailable - DNS failure. The server is temporarily unable to service your request. Please try again later. Reference #11.c56349ca.1247136787.fd6480, or this --> Bad Request. Transport error (#400) while retrieving data from endpoint `/ajax/inline_comments.php': Bad HTTP request.
what happen actually?? is facebook too full??
I have been unable to log onto neither myspace nor facebook!
I can log onto My Yearbook. I have tried the deleting cookies, and even restoring my pc to an earlier time when I knew it worked, but once I type in my password, I get the page cannot be displayed.
I tried other computers on the network, and I was able to log in with those, but I've been trying all day, and I still can't get on any of those sites tonight.
I recently installed critical updates and checked all settings. I compared them with an identical pc (my husband's) and all settings are the same. I STILL can't log on to either site!!
OMG This is happening to me as well. GRRR I contacted my IPS and they told me to try using Internet explorer instead of mozilla and GUESS WHAT.... It is working!!!! I can't access it through mozilla it has the hour glass and thats it!!!

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