Format factory Toshiba Laptop - Question

lummie - May 10, 2012 at 06:36 AM
 lummie - May 10, 2012 at 07:34 PM
Hi there,
I just had a question about formatting a Toshiba Satellite A500 notebook. I am selling the computer and know to use a wiping program. I sourced the Darik's Boot And Nuke programme for when I want to wipe the computer clean of my files.

Could I just find out before doing the wiping, do I need to recover the hidden partition on the computer with the backup windows files before I use the programme? I am at this point assuming I need to but how do I go about.

Can I just copy onto my file storage unit and then just move back onto the computer after I have wiped it clean?


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The windows backup partition is as you say - hidden. And during the wipe process you should only select the partition your data was on (normally C - and not touch the hidden partition) .
Anyway - if you do manage to wipe the whole hard drive so that there is no partitions left. Then reinstalling windows from a disc will not be a problem. just that the new user will no longer have a backup partition (just will be left with C drive - so they may also want / need their own Windows disc for future probs)

Not sure about copying a backup partition. Maybe hidden data involved. Or registry links that may come adrift !!

Remember - windows dosen't always install all drivers. And they can be a pain to trace. Especially if you find the ethernet driver not workin ( = no internet)

I've had wiped hard drives and stiill recovered data from 1997. You would be Ok as long as you didn't have text files with bank details.
Internet banking details would have been secure .... er, I think.
Thanks for the advice. I found out about copying the backup partitions to DVD's so I think I will do that. I had a Windows 7 DVD as I had updated from Vista when I bought my computer so I knew worst came the worst I could still reinstall it from there but wasn't sure with those hidden files whether there would be certain files that were required.

Will try the backup then wiping.