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So I have have my Sony vaio for almost 3 years and about 5 months ago it was over heated so I gently took the back of my computer off to cool it down then tried to reboot it and now it goes straight to a blue green screen and have the start up repair box. It won't let me restore my computer as I didn't set a date for it to be restored. Also I never recover a recovery disk from vaio when I bought the computer. I don't mind
Losing my files I just need a working computer back as I'm a
Student at college. Someone please help me

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Thank you
When I press f12z I get the window boot manager and it gives me
1) insert installation disc
2) choose language settings
3) click repair your computer.

However I can do that as I do NOT have an installation disc. What do I do?

Thank you, Ellie123 10

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Thank you
Hi again

Can you boot in safe mode before going to system restore. In many instances, you dont need to put a date in as some dates are input automatically after a windows update.

Sony does not give recovery disks on purchase anymore, you must create your own.

If you really need the disks, Recovery Discs obtained from Sony® Parts and Accessories Sales include instructions for performing a system recovery on the back of the jewel case.

Before performing a recovery, go to the Sony eSupport Web site and check your model-specific support page. Look for software and driver updates or check for knowledge base solutions that may help you solve your computer's issue.

Here is the link:

Good luck
My pc just stays on vaio ans then just freezes. Any ideas? Please awnser bavk asap. Thank you
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Your best bet would be to start a new thread by clicking on "ask a question" becoming a member also helps.
Thank you
After trying everything I could find online in forums and on YouTube I finally managed to get my Sony Vaio svs13a1y9es to start again. None of the solutions getting into BIOS with F2 or starting in Safe mode with F8 worked after trying various techniques such as opening it up to remove battery, ram and reconnecting again. The bios screen would just flash for 1/4 second and then black screen.

So what did I do? I started slamming and bumping the darn laptop and it woke up to life again. Something inside most have been loose.
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Thank you
If all else fails you may have to purchase an operating system disk and re install windows.
I would also remove the bottom covers and carefully clean all the dust inside which can cause it to over heat, Vaio are very compact light and tend to be sensitive to being placed in laps and on blankets, they need plenty of cool air circulation to keep running well.
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Thank you

1. Restart your Sony Vaio if it is already on. If it's off, turn it on.

2. Press the F12 key on your Sony Vaio keyboard. This will enter the computer into the built-in restore mode. Note that depending on the model of Sony Vaio, you may have to press either the F11 key or the ESC key to enter this restore mode.

Good luck
Sometimes the f-10 button (or which ever buttons ) to get back to factory install is the only hope.
I have also found the default settings in the control panel /system & security / power options / can be set to go to sleep mode when the power button is pushed or short periods of times are set-up to go to sleep or hibernate. Check all power option settings, after the factory recovery. They can really make the difference. Check them immediately after your first start-up.
Hi my sony Vaio laptop do not start
The doted circle is just rotating and showing just wait.