Laptop Screen has gone blank [Closed]

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Hello, I shut my laptop down by holding the power button, and when I tried to turn it back on it wasn't responding. Neither was it refistering that it was plugged in. So unplugged it, took the battery out, and waited 30 sec while holding the power button, then hit the power button and it did turn on. But not the Screen. It took me a little time but I've plugged my laptop into my tv and everythings functioning fine except for my laptop screen iteslf. I've opened it up and the computer registers when I physically unplug and plug the screen in, and I believe it's registering it on the display settings, but there still is no displaying.

Is there something I can do to test if it is working or if Ive losened a cable for the laptop screen? It's tedious on this monitor.

Any help would be appricated, thanks for reading :)

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Probably the windows has crushed because the computer was not properly shut down. The laptop information should have been give but try by pressing F8 when the booting is in progress and get you self any windows CD to install
Hi, I'm not too sure what you mean. IT's a Fujitsu Lifebook A series laptop with windows 7. The computer works fine, I can load windows if I have an external monitor, but the laptop monitor itself is black. Ill try hitting f8 on bootup to see if that helps in anycase.

Do you mean crashed or crushed? I don't think there is any physical damage as far as I can tell if that is what you mean

Thankyou for the response :)