Graphic card/Motherboard problem.

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Hello there smart people!

PC1 (MSI K9N Neo V3 motherboard, MSI Nvidia GF 8600GT Graphic card with 2 DVIs)
PC2 (Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H motherboard, Gainward Nvidia GF 8600GT graphic card)

PC1 worked fine for 4 years...
PC2 is perfectly fine, only used for testing purposes.

PC1 starts up with 8 short fast beeps (that means some kind of problem at the graphic card, since I have AMI BIOS), and there is nothing on the screen. Windows starts normally if I wait, I can hear the logging in sound. From here I tried to find the problem.

I've put in PC2's Video card into PC1, it worked... here I thought, that the other video card is dead.
But then I've put PC1's video card into PC2, and it started normally as well...
I've borrowed another video card, and tried it with PC1... worked as well...
So the problem is, PC1 only has problem with it's own Video Card, and I have no idea why.

My question is, what can I try to do, if I want to start PC1 with it's own video card. Swapping them is not an option since MSI doesn't have a HDMI output, Gainward does, and I need that output for PC2. BIOS reset doesn't seem to solve the problem either.

Every help is much appreciated.

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Jul 23, 2012 at 04:09 PM
It might be a driver problem. Can you revert the driver to the prior installed one or use the driver CD that came with the video card?

I have found that Microsoft provided video driver updates are not always safe to install.

Good Luck
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Jul 29, 2012 at 04:27 PM
Well, we bought a new video card, so the problem is kind of solved. Was a strange problem thought.
After all this years I have the same PC and the same problem :-). I've almost bought a motherboard cause thought it wracked. Thank You, I 'll find some video card :-)