Ipod wont turn and home button wont work

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Hello, i have an 4th generation ipod touch 32gb and yesterday i was using my ipod and my home button stopped working i looked up on youtube and i saw some guy fixing his goome button by using his charger and pressing it hard.so i tried it and i thought i heard him say to push up. so i pushed up and forward and my charger broke and part of it got stuck in there so i left it alone .and this morning my cousin fixed it and took it out. so then i tried charging my cable with his sterio and he said it wouldcharge it but when i connected it and the ipod brought up a messege. so since i jailbroke my ipod before i downloaded an app called resuported 4.o or something and it took too long even after it said installed so i respringed it and my ipod was respringing but it got stuck on the respring logo then it didnt show anything at all now it wont turn on and i cant even put it on recoverey mode because of the home button plzzz help

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You've surely damaged the port and you need to have it repaired.