5th generation iPod won't turn on [Solved/Closed]

 Princess -
Hello. My ipod touch 5th generation won't turn on... I tried charging it, and holding down the power button, and nothing. Just a black screen. And I'm pretty sure the battery life wasn't close to being dead... Please help!

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i had the same problem and I went to another thread with same problem being discussed and someone had posted this....(it worked for me)

"Try plugging in the charger then press and hold down the Center button and the Menu button at the same time."
Thank you

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Thank you so much that is the only thing that would worl to turn it on
Thank you so much. It worked.
wow. working. ty.
Thanks it worked
Thank you so much, this was a big help ❤️
THIS WORKED! I was skeptical because I had no usual warning that my battery was low etc. My iPod just went black..DEAD . But this was a nice surprise. At first the low battery icon appeared, then the Apple logo, finally after a few more seconds the locked screen ~ Whew! Thank you!

Thank you so so much. My son has autism n this happened to his iPod and I did this and it worked. I dread to think what would have happened if it hadn't worked as his iPod is his comfort. So to who posted the post I honestly cannot thank you enough x x
thank u so much this worked I held it down be4 for about 20 secs and it didn't work then I found this and held it down for about 30-40 secs and it worked!! Thank U so so much xxx
Worked for me thnx
thank you i almost had a fit....

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