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Desperate need of help. Memory read/write failure 5f7e0040
Memory address line failure. I am using a aftermarket power cable
19.5volts. Was coming up as failure but The laptop doesn't turn on anymore!
The power cable light flickers like its trying but something is tripping it.
I've remove ram and swapped it nothing.

Thank you


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You are right, this is in fact a memory error and you must reseat your memory. Try one a time and also consider trying them in different slots because it may be a trouble sourcing from one of the slots.

The following link will be of great help to you.

Take care.
I have done that three times no change. they click in the slots nicely. the ram under the key board is the default ram slot. i removed slot 2 first but no change. I have a after market power cord could that be the wrong cord? do i need a dell power cord? my battery has died also. meaning doesn't charge anymore.

also in pc's don't they have a little battery in them and when they lose charge the pc wont start up. do laptops have the same battery?

is there a dell shop in brisbane cbd. i live 10mins walk from the city.
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There may be a possibility that you need to have a new power cable then. You will easily obtain an adapter from the following online shopping link.

Nevertheless, I will advise to bring the laptop to a repair shop for confirmation that it is indeed the power cable which needs to be replaced because the power supply or battery also is of concern.

Kind regards.